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Online store requires new processes at HANSA-FLEX


Automation of further procedures simplifies e-fulfillment

As of late HANSA-FLEX, a leading global system supplier of products used in the field of hydraulics, has offered its customers the opportunity to order more than 80,000 of its items online. This means that the company must process a significantly higher amount of small orders via parcel ship- ping in its automated mini-load system (MLS) in Geisenfeld, Upper Bavaria. The company therefore undertook the automation of processes along the shipping line in collaboration with viastore.

In the past, viad@tWMS triggered the attachment of a barcode including delivery number to the shipping packages at the pick station. This served for further processing in the SAP system – there the corresponding shipping label was printed depending on the carrier and applied to the box by the employee. Now the cartons are packed ready for shipment actually at the pick station: the delivery note is printed and put inside. viad@t also triggers the printing of the label with the package number which is attached to the upper side of the carton. The package is then placed on the conveyor belt and transported to the package sorter where it automatically goes through the four steps of identification, weighing, closing, and sealing.

The label with the package number is first read at an Omni-scan station. Here the new conveyor system section runs faster in order to separate the incoming packages. Then the weight of the package is determined using dynamic scales. Package number and weight are forwarded to the SAP system which then defines the parcel service provider for the respective recipient based on this data. A fully automatic sealing machine closes the box. Then a fully automatic, network-compatible label printing and dispensing system with thermal printer attaches the shipping label to the aligned package. Depending on the surface condition of the package, the label may be attached by glue or by means of adhesive tape. SAP sends the print request directly to the label printer via the viad@tWMS system. Subsequently, the package is pushed onto one of the four shipping lanes. Some of them are reserved for parcel service companies GLS and TNT. Reject packages are pushed onto the last lane as NIO (“Not in Order”).

Thanks to these process adjustments, HANSA-FLEX can cope with the increased number of orders without any problems and is able to keep its usual short delivery times.

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