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PROLAG®World enhances transparency and stock reliability in wholesale warehouse


CIM’s warehouse software was confronted with the exacting demands of the trade sector when technical wholesalers Kahmann & Ellerbrock recently implemented PROLAG®World to optimise their logistics processes. Continuous stocktaking and efficient management of remnants have opened up considerable savings potential and brought improved stock reliability. Purchase orders received in the web shop are processed by PROLAG®World’s forklift routing system quickly and efficiently.

Kahmann & Ellerbrock also have several consignment storage areas which are replenished automatically using the warehouse software. Kanban boxes are filled using the automatic kanban control functionality.

As wholesalers and e-Commerce providers, Kahmann & Ellerbrock are faced with very specific logistics challenges: »24/7 product delivery, quick availability, high stock reliability, a large product pallet and short reaction times – these are our priorities in the warehouse. This calls for high-performance software. PROLAG®World fulfills all our requirements«, explains Pavlos Chartomatsidis, head of logistics and production at Kahmann & Ellerbrock.

The warehouse software handles 15,000 articles in three different halls, which are stored on 1,500 pallet rack slots, 5,500 shelf spaces and 200 heavy duty shelves. The article range encompasses 100,000 items: everything from adhesives and sealing materials, plastic sheets and protective workwear right through to nuts, bolts and tools. The software channels 1,500 items through the warehouse each day.

Savings potential thanks to continuous stocktaking and efficient handling of remnants

PROLAG®World executes continuous stocktaking. »We were able to meet our first target very quickly: high stock reliability. Thanks to the continuous stocktaking process, we can save up to 300 man-days a year and are assured more or less constant availability of goods – this is a key advantage for us as a wholesale company«, continues Chartomatsidis. PROLAG®World generates electronic stocktaking lists while the warehouse is open for normal operations. Employees can process the lists using the forklift routing system, as they would process a picking transaction, and in parallel to their normal daily tasks.
PROLAG®World also provides efficient management of remnants which are left after cutting operations. Remnants are reserved for other orders for maximum material yield.

Loading and shipping

Kahmann & Ellerbrock pick, dispatch and load all purchase orders using PROLAG®World. The forklift routing system executes parallel picking with automatic selection of the shortest routes through the warehouse. The software pools orders to form shipments, and rush orders are handled with higher priority. PROLAG®World’s shipping system dispatches the articles via the DPD interface. Employees then scan the goods at the dispatch area and load them onto waiting trucks. PROLAG®World ensures that the correct goods are loaded into the correct vehicles.

Automatic replenishment and kanban

As well as their warehouses in Bielefeld, Kahmann & Ellerbrock manage several consignment storage areas using PROLAG®World. The software carries out replenishment automatically without fixed cargo carriers. In contrast, kanban boxes are replenished automatically according to the kanban principle: The empty boxes are brought to Kahmann & Ellerbrock’s warehouses where they are filled and then delivered back to the customer. The boxes have fixed barcodes indicating a specific article – usually spare parts for assembly. Whenever an empty box comes back from the customer, it is automatically filled with the correct quantity and returned to the usage site

»We’re very happy with the way things were handled. The implementation phase with PROLAG®World was fast, structured and trouble-free. We’ve now reached our target of over 97% stock reliability«, concludes Mr Chartomatsidis.
The next step is planned for the end of 2014 when the production process and the automatic tray storage system will be integrated with PROLAG®World

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