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Automobile Chemical Goods in Check – Solvo.WMS at Himavto Warehouse


At the end of 2013, Solvo.WMS 4.0 was successfully implemented at the warehouse of LLC »Gelena Himavto.« Himavto is one of the largest Russian-based producers of cooling fluids (antifreeze etc.) for automotive transport, heating-transfer mediums for household and industrial purposes, polymer tare, and plastic goods.

Specifications of production and warehouse complexes at Himavto

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an in-house laboratory making it possible to conduct rigorous quality controls of manufactured goods. A team of qualified specialists has been selected to ensure quality and timely execution of production objectives.

The Himavto warehouse uses gravitational racks that are specially designed to store and process a large volume of goods in a confined area with a large turnover. Solvo.WMS is integrated with any type of storage systems including gravitational racks, which is why Himavto chose the SOLVO warehouse management system that was able to resolve issues and optimize workflow at the production warehouse.

On the gravitational racks, palletized loads are processed based on the FIFO principle, while for client who order less items than can be placed on a pallet, special rules for replenishing zones using carton and unit assembly methods, where picking is performed using a different type of equipment.

Implementation results

The solution from SOLVO has been running at the warehouse for only a few months but the efficiency of warehouse operations has been notably increased at Himavto. Due to the Solvo.WMS management system:

  • Night shifts were eliminated, which made it possible to conserve labor as well as financial resources.
  • The time needed to perform inventory was reduced significantly. Previously, to create a report on the current conditions at the warehouse (availability/stock-keeping), it was necessary to stop warehouse operations for a half hour to perform a recount. After the implementation of Solvo.WMS, the daily report for production based on current inventory could be generated at anytime upon the user’s command without needing to stop the receiving and shipping of goods.
  • The automation of warehouse processes made it possible to reduce the number of personnel required to carry out daily shipping and inventory operations.

Now, Hitavto is planning to further expand and develop the warehouse, which means that it will take advantage of the new opportunities and features provided by the Solvo.WMS system.

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