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LFS from E+P increases performance at FALKE


Shorter delivery intervals and an increasing number of variants: The requirements of the textile branch are diverse. To work efficiently, the processes have to be designed flexibly. The FALK GROUP therefore integrates the LFS warehouse management system from Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P).

The solution can be ideally adapted to the branch-relevant requirements such as variants handling. FALKE profits from increased transparency and improved picking performance. For the future, the internationally active socks and stocking expert expects further increases in throughput. The intelligent solution from E+P also allows additional warehouses to be connected to the software.

Quick and effective - that's how the integration of LFS at FALKE went. The conversion to the warehouse management system from E+P took only seven months. »The project phase ran completely smoothly. We were able to work at maximum capacity throughout the entire period,« explained Stephan Mertens, Warehouse Director for the FALKE GROUP. The German family company produces and sells stockings, athletic clothing, mens' clothing and accessories worldwide. To optimally face the constantly increasing requirements of the textile industry in the future, FALKE relies on fully functional and flexible processes at the Schmallenberg company headquarters. Thanks to the new warehouse management system, this is no problem: »By implementing LFS, today, we control the material flow in our 20,000 m² warehouse in a way that meets our requirements,« reports Mertens. »The high degree of parameterization of the software also allows us a lot of flexibility which is absolutely necessary in our branch today.« The company handles item quantities in the six-figure range per day and there is still a lot of potential.

LFS in use

The result of the software integration is convincing. All processes function smoothly: After the goods receipt recording, LFS automatically assigns the items to their storage bin locations in the high-bay warehouse. More than 135,000 locations are available, distributed across approx. 9,000 trays. If a new picking request is received, the rack operating equipment transports the goods to one of five work stations. The employees pick the cartons and, at the same time, fill the empty trays with new goods. Picking is performed in accordance with a simple and efficient concept. Due to the frequent access, there is one picking bin location per item and variant. To clearly identify the goods, LFS includes an additional variant field in the item master data so that there is a clear identification by size and color. Picking is performed by 40 employees using Pick-by-Voice. They pick the goods from one of the 20,000 gravity rack shelves and book them by entering a color code and a check digit. Then LFS automatically creates a packing list including the delivery note - depending on the target country in Spanish, French, English or Dutch. The warehouse software also controls the shipping process. A part of the goods are first consolidated with items from other orders. Then, they are transported with the other items to the finisher who packages them for shipping. A large portion of the goods are, however, not repacked, but directly picked from the throughput channels based on the pick and pack principle and merely labeled for shipping by the finisher.

»We have adapted LFS precisely to the requirements in the international textile industry,« explains Marco Ehrhardt, managing shareholder of E+P. »In addition to functions that are used by the FALK GROUP, the system also fulfills the tasks required for efficient returns processing or special value-added services (VAS).«

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