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Back to the Brewery: Solvo.WMS at the Moscow Brewing Company Production Warehouse


It’s the height of summer so it’s not surprising to see higher than normal demand for refreshing drinks including beer. The capacity of production warehouse is increasing and turnover is at a maximum. How can we ensure that everything is done and shipped out on time while also avoiding any errors? The solution to these problems faced by the Moscow Brewing Company was presented by Solvo.WMS.

Main characteristics of The Moscow Brewing Company:

  • Total warehouse area is approximately 30,000 m2;
  • Height of warehouse spaces – 6 m, 12 m;
  • Total product throughput at the warehouse complex - over 100,000 pallets;
  • Product assortment (SKU) - over 300.

The warehouse is divided into four zones – each with its own load handling specifics:

  1. Zone for ready-made items received from production (floor-stack storage)
  2. Zone for distribution (rack storage)
  3. Keg storage zone (special tare requiring high-rise stacks)
  4. Accumulator zone (used for storing low-velocity goods)

Implementation goals and system selection

Priori to implementation, the requirements for the Solvo.WMS warehouse management system were formalized while taking into account the company’s development strategies and the goods flow forecast.

The main goal of warehouse automation was improved organization of remaining stock with regards to expiration dates, product quantity as well as tracking, managing and incentivizing warehouse personnel.

Based on an analysis of different systems from various vendors, the Moscow Brewing Company selected the solution known as Solvo.WMS for production warehouses, taking into account its successful track record in implementing systems at other warehouses involved in beverage production (Baltika (Carlsberg group), PepsiCo, Vimm-Bill-Dann, Lebedyanskyi, Derbes etc.).

Solvo.WMS implementation:

  • During implementation, Solvo.WMS was integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, where all documentation for deliver/shipping are created.
  • As it is commonly know, a typical production warehouse for alcoholic beverages is marked by rapid turnover, large orders by volume, strict expiration date controls, and requires extended functionality in comparison to standard systems. And the Moscow Brewing Company was no exception as on of the main features of Solvo.WMS, demanded by the customer is automated receiving.

This is a multi-stage process which includes an analysis of the filling plan, pallet scanning on the conveyor using special sensors, identifying loads in the SOLVO system and automatic printing of labels using printer-applicators on the production line all sent from the ERP or MES-systems.

In result, Solvo.WMS system implementation resolved the issues at the warehouse, specifically – full automation of receiving goods from the production line.

  • Additionally, thanks to the solution from SOLVO the warehouse now can perform fully-fledged lot tracking making it possible to group items by certain characteristics (expiration date, client ID etc.) and then restore the lot contents during shipping, which makes it possible for the producer to monitor loads by lot from the moment the goods are produced all the way up to the moment it reaches the end consumer.

The following issues were also resolved:

  • Enhanced quality control i.e. improved operations with product statuses.
  • Established shipping with consideration of stakeholder demands based on the remaining shelf life (RSL). The system makes it possible to configure rules and work strategies for a particular product, which makes it possible to avoid errors and other problems.
  • SOLVO enabled the Moscow Brewing Company to use the latest generation of data capturing terminals from world leading manufacturers - Datalogic and Honeywell. The given equipment made it possible for the client to automate the process of remote personnel/SKU management.

Future plans

The Moscow Brewing Company is planning to also automate its central materials warehouse and integrate additional modules from SOLVO.


Under an intense workload especially during seasonal demand spikes, the warehouse status is always in flux, which is why an effective solution for managing warehouses must have real time control capability for all processes, minimize or eliminate all manual operations during receiving, prevent mistakes, incorrect sorting, overloading etc., efficiently allocate goods in accordance with the rules and strategies based on ABC-analysis, automate order planning based on FIFO/FEFO, RSL and many other parameters, and reduce the number of empty equipment runs.

The Solvo.WMS solution automates all types of operations at various types of warehouses while taking into account all of the aforementioned requirements and eliminating the possibility of human error, which saves time and resources leading to reduced business expenses.

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