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SOLVO Automates Operations at the Warehouse of the Polushka Retail Network


SOLVO successfully completed the project to automate processes at the distribution center for the Polushka retail network in Saint Petersburg, Russia

In the spring of 2014, SOLVO successfully completed the project to automate processes at the distribution center for the Polushka retail network in Saint Petersburg.

The system was implements as a result of the need to properly keep record of all expiration dates and minimize human error during order assembly.

The warehouse has an area of 3,800 square meters for 5,500 pallets and is divided into several zones with rack storage for foodstuffs.

  • Zone for storing refrigerated goods (cheese, sausage, dairy), with the average temperature of +5;
  • Zone for storing frozen goods (fish, meat, semi-processed goods), with the average temperature of -20;
  • Zone for storing goods that do not require any special storage.

Solvo.WMS takes into account the conditions required to store certain goods at the warehouse (temperature, humidity, expiration dates, sell by dates, etc.).

The warehouse is serviced by lift and high-rise stacker trucks (for handling goods at the height of 8 meters) and equipped with Datalogic Scorpio radio terminals, which are also provided by SOLVO, which rolled out the radio network.

Project Details

This was the first project where the new put-to-store technology was implemented, increasing the efficiency of wave assembly.

Put-to-store – enables to perform a general pick for various orders during wave assembly and then deliver the assembled orders to the proper locations. The picking speed is increased due to the decrease in empty runs – an item is picked immediately for a large number of orders and the most optimal route is established for its delivery.

The given technology made it possible for the client to carry out pallet picking from the top tiers, where Solvo.WMS indicates where the goods must be placed.

Put-to-store technology was implemented because the warehouse does not have a large area while the number of Polushka’s item assortment is around 1,500 and expected to grow. This is why the need to organize the putaway and assembly processes while conserving the most amount of space was essential.

Now, more space is conserved due to a lower number of locations as a result of wave assembly and proper product item grouping. Put-to-store is not only used for carton assembly but also for catchweight items: chicken, fish, cheese). Thanks to the new technology, the speed and quality of the assembly process was significantly improved.


Looking at the results of Solvo.WMS implementation at the Polushka warehouse complex so far, it can already be said with confidence that the following goals have already been achieved:

  • Improved accuracy of warehouse inventory data;
  • Increased amount of storage space;
  • Improved order assembly quality: reduction in picking errors; accounting of expiration dates;
  • Full control over the flow of goods.

The newly installed system makes it possible to resolve problems common to distribution centers: expiration dates are taken into account during receiving and picking, putaway based on ABC-analysis, order picking of catchweight goods and much more.

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