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Solvo.WMS rolls out at warehouse of major retailer


At the beginning of 2015, SOLVO successfully completed the implementation of Solvo.WMS for the »Vald« distribution center in Saint Petersburg.

Implementation goals & WMS selection

For some time, Vald has operated under the 1C warehouse management system, which has stopped being reliable in time due to continuous growth in warehouse operations and turnover. A requirement for accounting serial numbers and more effective management of personnel workflow has arisen along with an effective tool that would increase the storage capacity and operator performance, particularly during seasonal changes where storage conditions greatly fluctuate.

Based on market analysis results, the company selected SOLVO and Solvo.WMS. The deciding factors included company experience accumulated in the past 20 years on the WMS market, the availability of a comprehensive solution for petrol-powered tool warehouses, fixed contract price and a one year SLA3 warranty free of charge.

Another important factor during selection was the feedback from Vald partners who have also implemented Solvo.WMS such as the company 220 Volt – the leading retail operator of electric instruments on the Russian market.

System implementation

The main nuances here were the short deadline for adapting the system and migrating it to WMS control during the New Year’s holiday break. In result, the system was implemented in turnkey fashion in the shortest time possible – 1.5 months.

»The version of the system, which we created for this project at the end of December was successfully launched on the first day of the New Year and we were immediately able to cover all warehouse operations,« said Sergei Petrov, SOLVO project manager. »Warehouse operations were not affected and the client received results in time.«

SOLVO specialists also configured and installed high-performance and reliable data capture Datalogic Scorpio X3 with Green Spot technology as well as label printers from TSC. With these TSC printers, the warehouse can print labels with EAN-13 barcodes for identifying products received at the store from the warehouse.

Benefits of Solvo.WMS

Despite the system being implemented recently, some affects can already be noted. First of all, due to the introduction of data capture terminals for receiving pallets as well as integration with the company’s host system, the receiving speed of ready-made products was greatly increased. In addition, the »Receiving operator« function has simplified the process where before the operator had to enter all of the information on paper into the database.

In light of the fact that Vald provides technical support for its equipment, it is necessary to store a large number of spare parts at the warehouse, which is measured in thousands of items. As a rule, spare parts delivery documents contain up to 1,000 items. A container can be received throughout several days. Solvo.WMS makes it possible to perform partial receiving and notify the host system in on-line mode regarding what was already received and can be shipped from the warehouse.

Finn and euro configurations are used to store pallets at the warehouse. Prior to Solvo.WMS implementation, warehouse workers were responsible for deciding where an item must be placed without taking into account any compatibility rules since they were simply nonexistent.

»With the implementation of Solvo.WMS and the function of automated putaway with consideration of compatibility rules by pallet type, we were able to save 300 to 400 pallet spaces on average,« said the project head from Vald, Igor Ratkevich.

The workflow specificities at the Vald warehouse include seasonal goods with custom orders, which make it difficult to combine them by type. An example of seasonal changes can include snow plow trucks in the winter and mowers in the summer. The implementation of commissioning technology significantly improved the transition from season to season.

»Before, during a seasonal transition, we had to reformulate the items for picking, whereas now we don’t have to do this,« notes Ratkevich. »Solvo.WMS constantly monitors and ensures that the highest velocity goods are always located towards the bottom tiers and the rest are towards the top. We don’t have any more delays in picking since the locations are now replenished automatically with the necessary SKU marking and we don’t need to search for an item across the entire warehouse.«

The warehouse mezzanine contains a zone for storage and picking of spare parts.

Thanks to the implementation of the »static picking channel« technology for this zone, the speed and convenience of picking also improved since the system automatically issues tasks to operators to replenish channels when they reach a certain level.

Growth prospects

In the near future, Vald is planning to implement the »Remote Warehouse« module to ensure efficient workflow at the Vald warehouse in the Moscow region.

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