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Loading and unloading more efficiently with inconsoDSM


In order to efficiently plan and control warehouse and transport activities, inconso presents an extended application for the optimization of load ramp utilization: the inconsoDSM (Dock & Slot Management).

In order to efficiently plan and control warehouse and transport activities, the logistics software specialist inconso further developed and extended its application for the optimization of load ramp utilization. The slot management system inconsoDSM (Dock & Slot Management) now provides an expanded range of functions for comprehensive slot control and thus ensures coordinated and efficient loading and unloading processes.

The newly designed solution combines the benefits of an intelligent organization and information system in one application. inconsoDSM considers shifts as well as plant calendars and differentiates buildings, individual building areas, gates and ramps according to their specific properties. Thus, the system allows for the control of loading and unloading processes tailored to the particular capacities and resources and thereby ensures the optimized utilization of ramps and resources.

Parallel to that, the system allows defined users to obtain authorization for slot booking. Carriers and suppliers are granted access to a web-based platform for simplified booking, cancellation and modification of slots by delivering carriers. Moreover, regular slots for days or weeks are automatically assigned as fixed placeholders by the system for specific agents. In addition, automatically generated system messages (e.g. via e-mail or text message) promptly inform the carrier about slot changes made by the loader. The system data is available for statistical analyses, such as comparison statistics for planned slots and actual arrivals.

As an add-on, inconsoDSM can be integrated into any existing warehouse or yard management system.

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