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CIM GmbH presents consolidation-by-light and consolidation monitoring


Consolidation for goods picking in the warehouse is closely linked to goods issue, and often represents a bottleneck that sets the pace for picking and in turn for goods issue. CIM GmbH, based in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, has designed two new modules to bypass this bottleneck. Consolidation-by-light and consolidation monitoring provide a number of advantages for pickers and guarantee smooth workflows in the warehouse.

For enhanced order picking performance, many warehouses use so-called multi-order picking or other forms of two-step or multi-step picking. The picking process in divided into several steps. In the first step, the transaction is optimised by retrieving identical articles for different orders simultaneously. The second step is to assign the retrieved articles to the various orders at the consolidation Zone.

If a mail-order house receives ten separate orders for »smartphone XY01«, for instance, the smartphones (for all orders) are removed from storage in one step. They are then transported collectively to the consolidation zone to be allocated to the individual purchase orders.

PROLAG®World Release 2.6.1 provides consolidation-by-light and consolidation monitoring modules for optimising consolidation in the warehouse.

Optimised speed and accuracy using light systems

The consolidation-by-light module is based on the pick-by-light or put-to-light principle. The warehouse management software guides warehouse staff through the consolidation process using light signals which are emitted by an LED light strip. The software controls the allocation of the articles to the orders. The key benefit: consolidation turns into a faster, paperless process and the risk of mistakes or incorrect deliveries is close to Zero.

Enhanced monitoring for perfect flows in the warehouse

The consolidation monitoring module in PROLAG®World bypasses the bottleneck at the consolidation zone. The software continuously analyses the pending picking items and the space available at the consolidation area, and releases only as many picking orders as can be parked and processed there. The picking process is thus steered by consolidation, resulting in smooth goods flows in the warehouse.

Long-standing customers of CIM GmbH who are already working with the two new modules report a significant increase in warehouse throughput and employee satisfaction thanks to error reduction.

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