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Infrastructure that grows with a company's needs: LFS.V8 in use at the Geis Group


The global logistics service provider Geis is relying on Version 8 of the LFS warehouse control system of Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P) starting immediately. The company takes a decisive step towards networking and mobile logistics: Geis uses V8 on Android smartphones and is thus able to control all warehouse and transport procedures flexibly independently of place and time.

Both in the warehouse and on the road, all employees have an overview of the relevant processes at all times. In this way, Geis offers its customers an excellent competitive advantage, now and in the future.

E+P has optimized the latest Version 8 of the warehouse control system in such a manner that it can be used on any smart device, whether a smartphone or tablet, with the Android or iOS operating systems. At Geis, V8 is used on Android smartphones. »Especially in highly competitive industries like logistics, it is important to always be thinking one step ahead,« Dr. Johannes Söllner, Managing Director of Logistics Services, explains. »With the mobile version of the warehouse control system, we remain flexible – now and in the future – and guarantee our customers reliable, secure, and transparent processes.« At the same time, Geis obtains a few additional modules included with V8, such as Customs Handling for thorough internationalization, Transport Control System (TLS) for optimizing recorded transport equipment, or Asset Management for an overview and monitoring of maintenance orders. In the future, all new clients will be integrated into LFS.V8.

In a workshop together with E+P, requirements were defined, functions determined, and various cases investigated. Geis then assumed the implementation of the system on its own. »Due to the experience we gained with the software over the years, our project team is now able to integrate clients and locations entirely on its own. The E+P teams only becomes involved when it is time to define new processes, for example, if requirements in the warehouse change. This is an enormous advantage of the software as, in this way, we remain independent with maximum flexibility.« Michael Biller, Manager of IT Logistics, says. »We are convinced that we are thus equipped for the future – and our customers remain competitive.«

Partnership for 15 years
»For many years, the LFS warehouse control system has been guaranteeing us the flexibility and security we require in our processes,« Biller continues. Since 1999, the company has been using LFS – back then, Version 4 was introduced for production disposal and for the distribution center at the main headquarters in Bad Neustadt an der Saale. At that time, the software was already ready for use within only six weeks. After that, Version 5 was implemented for a tire warehouse and additional LFS modules were integrated: Pick-by-Light, a shuttle system, container conveying technology, labeling, multi-order picking, cross-docking, and many more. Two language versions – Czech and Polish – were also added. Over the course of time, the number of clients of the logistics service provider and the available storage area increased considerably. Today, the Geis Group has over 140 clients via LFS at locations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Slovak Republic, and Switzerland.

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