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Small warehouse – big potential: CIM GmbH’s new software solution brings an improvement in efficiency and profitably


Fürstenfeldbruck, 20.09.2016 – PROLAG®World Smart is the intelligent, economical warehouse management software especially for small warehouses. CIM GmbH’s new solution is tailor-made for the needs and demands of the small warehouse. The software is up and running in a matter of days and enhances efficiency by up to 50 percent with respect to goods receipt, picking and shipping.

»Our experience shows that capacity utilisation rates are especially relevant for small warehouses. Our solution is designed specifically with these requirements in mind«, explains Fritz Mayr, managing director of CIM GmbH in Fürstenfeldbruck. PROLAG®World Smart helps customers to smoothly manage a limitless number of articles and a variety of different storage locations. The system automates warehouse operations, finds optimal storage locations and streamlines picking processes.

The storage processes mapped by PROLAG®World Smart cover both chaotic storage systems and fixed location storage, they are flexible and make optimum use of the available space. Scheduled storage operations are supported through the integrated ERP interface/Excel as well as unscheduled storage. The system performs picking based on storage strategies such as FIFO, LIFO or FEFO. The software also provides tools for comprehensive analyses and statistics, quality assurance as well as printing and stocktaking functions.

Fast, efficient, future-proof

Thanks to the modular design of the software, the system is installed and fully operational in a matter of days and warehouse staff are up to speed in no time. As a starter package, customers can choose up to five of over 30 different basic modules. Additional functions, modules and packages can be activated any time without disrupting normal warehouse operations. »This equips our customers for larger-scale tasks in the future since demands tend to grow as the warehouse expands«, comments Mayr.

Flexibility through on-demand software

As well as the stationary installation, customers can also opt for the cloud version of PROLAG®World Smart. They can choose whether they wish to use just the software as a service or the entire infrastructure. In this way, the costs of purchasing and maintaining hardware independently are eliminated. Mayr sees »the scalability, high level of security and flexibility« as key factors as to why on-demand software is likely to play even more of a key role in future, especially in the intralogistics sector. The current high demand for suitable solutions would appear to prove him right.

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