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SOLVO Wins ‘Leading IT-Solutions Provider’ Award


SOLVO is proud to announce taking first place in the rating of “Leading Industry Information Technologies - 2017” winning the nomination of “Leading IT-Solution Provider: Logistics Management

SOLVO is proud to announce taking first place in the rating of »Leading Industry Information Technologies - 2017«winningthe nomination of »Leading IT-Solution Provider: Logistics Management (purchase, SCE, SCM, WMS, TMS).«

SOLVO also took honorary second place in the nomination of »Best IT-Solution Provider for the Food Production Industry.«

For the fifth time, the »Leading Industry Information Technologies« rating, which is held by the »Production management« portal, is presenting verified and objective information to Russian enterprises on which IT companies are leaders in the manufacturing field and capable of solving key automation objectives for manufacturers.

Based on the results of the poll, this year it weren’t only major IT companies from Moscow who took part, but also companies from other regions of Russia, many of whom are leaders in their respective regions.

All participants were asked to share how they evaluate their performance for the previous year, explain which IT events in 2016 were most important for the Russian industry, as well as provide their own forecasts for 2017.

On behalf of SOLVO, Daniel Pershin, head of marketing, stated the following:As a whole, 2016 was a challenging year for many players on the production process automation and logistics markets. The entire supply chain was affected - manufacturers on one side, who despite their continued trend towards import-replacement, were forced to cancel a series of projects; and, from the other side, there were the IT-solution vendors who were faced with a significant budget reduction due to this drop in demand.

Nevertheless, despite the volatile environment, SOLVO experienced a fairly productive year in 2016 undertaking projects with major manufacturing companies who were able to adapt to these new conditions in Russia. We renewed our partnership with an old client, Valio in Saint Petersburg, which successfully adjusted their strategy for Russia.

At the same time, we also completed several warehouse automation projects for Sun In-Bev (AB InBev) among others. Last year, we also started new logistics process optimization projects with the brewery giant »Baltika.«

Therefore, you can say 2016 was a kind of a renaissance year for us.

Among the key trends, we would like to note finding clients demanding non-standard solutions for optimization of various processes while moving away from »capital-intensive« solutions towards more innovative and »cost-effective« options. We also understood that companies are not satisfied with highly-specialized solutions for automating a single area of operations.

For example, for »Atria« (Pit-Produkt) we created a custom solution, which controls processes not only at the warehouse, but also at the production facility, which involved integration with weighing and marking equipment at the production lines.

Many companies are also interested in IT-tools for personnel motivation at the warehouse that introduce system or Labor Management class elements. Finally, the trend towards virtualization of IT-infrastructure continues such as, for example, an increasing number of companies who are now opting for cloud-based servers to run their WMS-systems.

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