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LFS.wms for Springer Auto Parts & Industrial Supplies: Just-in-time deliveries of spare parts for motor vehicles


From an entire fender all the way to minuscule engine electrical components: Springer Auto Parts & Industrial Supplies provides authorized repair shops and branch stores in Germany’s Northwest with spare parts for all types of motor vehicles. When provisioning parts, flexibility and speed are always key, as many components are needed for repair work in a time-sensitive manner.

Ehrhardt + Partner’s LFS.wms warehouse management system now manages all vehicle parts in the wholesaler’s main warehouse (which has grown substantially in recent years), ensuring improved path management in the area of putaway and retrieval as well as far more efficient picking processes.

In their main warehouse in Stuhr near Bremen, Germany, Springer Auto Parts & Industrial Supplies stores thousands of different spare vehicle parts, which the wholesaler then delivers to authorized repair shops all over Germany’s Northwest. Up to 4,500 items leave the main warehouse every single day. Typically, these are small-parts orders that are needed just-in-time by repair shops. Using their own fleet of vehicles, Springer supplies customers several times a day. With their comprehensive basic LFS.wms features alone, E+P was able to introduce a warehouse strategy that met the needs of the customer’s process complexity while also supporting the auto parts dealer in maintaining their high level of service. As a result, the system ensures that inventory management is carried out efficiently and that the speed of internal workflows is increased. Up to 15 simultaneous orders can be handled by a single picker, following the multi-order picking method. In addition, LFS.wms guides staff through the warehouse in a path-optimized way as they pick and put away items. Furthermore, the data provided by the warehouse management system allows for a continuous analysis and control of all current orders: several screens with monitoring features, for example, ensure that urgent orders are labeled accordingly and are handled by staff as a priority. The precise number and exact bin location of each individual item is permanently recorded in the system. These meticulous details regarding current inventory provide Springer Auto Parts & Industrial Supplies, with their wide range of different items, with a high level of added value. With LFS.wms, the auto parts dealer has another solution on hand that they can expand on at any time and even use to meet their growing need for warehousing space. E+P, with their many years of experience in the area of vehicle spare parts logistics, supports Springer Auto Parts & Industrial Supplies in their strategy for growth: the logistics expert has been working with many of the leading auto parts dealers successfully and for many years.

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