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Dometic is using LFS.wms for intralogistics: The definition of »luxury« in the warehouse


Dometic has seen an increase in turnover of almost 25 percent since integrating the LFS.wms warehouse management system from Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P). The specialist for mobile comfort, luxury and safety solutions is substantially improving the performance of its intralogistics processes with the total solution concept from the logistics expert E+P.

The concept combines LFS.wms and the Transport Control System (TCS) module, which manages transport resources in and between the distribution centers in Emsdetten to optimize utilization and travel paths. The goal of collaboration was to restructure all workflows.

Dometic supplies all of Europe - and therefore the second largest sales region for its mobile comfort and luxury solutions - from its two warehouses in Emsdetten. Spare and complementary parts for the aftermarket are stored and dispatched by Dometic from floorspace of around 25000m². The second warehouse (22500m²) is just a stone's throw away and is used as a supply and additional pick warehouse for the automotive sector. The international supplier stocks around 12000 items on site. More consistent processes and optimum path control with LFS.wms has increased the volume of items per day by almost 25percent.

Warehouse management delivers greater efficiency

Since restructuring its warehouse operations, Dometic has been reaping the benefits of E+P's total solution concept. “We have been running two shifts in goods incoming and outgoing for a while because of the increase in the volume of orders and turnover. LFS.wms integration has made our workflows significantly more efficient”, explains Thomas Meier, head of Dometic's European Distribution Center. LFS.wms plans and controls the entire flow of logistics materials and information, as well as managing the deployment of staff and all available resources. When putting away, the system takes into account the load distribution of items and the size of the applicable loading equipment. This is important for Dometic, because its varied product range and different loading equipment sizes make structured storage essential – in particular so that staff can access rapid-turnover items without delay for the supplier's highly seasonal business. In addition to cooling units of all kinds (such as cooling boxes, mini fridges, wine fridges and minibars), the expert for mobile comfort and luxury also sells air conditioners for caravans, as well as driver assistance systems.

Economic utilization of transport resources

Dometic staff move around 125 tonnes of goods every day. Workflows therefore have to be organized very efficiently to distribute the large volume of orders effectively. LFS.wms provides path-optimized control of picking orders, including between the two warehouses. The newly integrated truck Transport Control System (TCS) then assigns the orders to the right transport unit. The module assigns suitable orders to the truck drivers on the basis of the most efficient transport routes and the available loading equipment. As soon as a pick operation is complete, the employee receives another suitable order. The result is full utilization of the truck fleet - while avoiding idle time.

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