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Telenco Group entrusts flow management in its two logistics warehouses to A-SIS.


A major player on the telecom market, Telenco Group has chosen to implement WMS maGistor® by A-SIS (a Division Savoye brand), supplier of a comprehensive supply chain logistics suite, on the two logistics sites of its subsidiaries Telenco Networks and Telenco Distribution in Moirans (38).

Set up in 1999, Telenco designs, manufactures and distributes telecommunications solutions. To cope with its rapid growth, in 2011 the group set up three subsidiaries, each of them specialising in a particular area of telecommunications: Telenco Networks to design, manufacture and distribute solutions for wired networks (copper and fibre optic), Telenco Distribution, specialising in network equipment and tooling aimed at telecomms operators and their subcontractors, and Telenco Services to provide advice, expertise and training in all metrology equipment for telecommunications networks.

In the last three years, the company has seen a major peak in business, accompanied by 2-figure growth. Telenco Distribution and Telenco Networks were starting to be short of space and day-to-day logistics were becoming increasingly complicated to manage. The ERP, hitherto used for warehouse, stock and site management, was showing its limits. The decision to computerise the Telenco Distribution and Telenco Networks warehouses was taken as part of an overall decision: Telenco Networks acquired a new, fully-refurbished 7,000 m2 building and Telenco Distribution established itself in the 5,000 m2 premises vacated by Telenco Networks. »We took the opportunity to start again from zero and optimise logistics management in both warehouses by installing a WMS,« explains Chloé Coullomb, digital team manager at the Telenco Group. A call for tenders was sent out to several suppliers. A-SIS with its WMS maGistor® was selected. maGistor® was first implemented in the Telenco Networks Warehouse in February 2017, then at Telenco Distribution in May. »We tried to standardise as far as possible so that the two structures would be similar, though obviously with some adaptations linked to each company's business,« adds Chloé Coullomb. In fact, the two warehouses are not alike. Telenco Networks handles large volumes while Telenco Distribution ships numerous packages and palettes of different sizes, ranging from small cases to full lorry loads. The type of products stocked is also highly varied. Telenco Networks mainly stocks network items (cable fixing systems: heavy, bulky items). Telenco Distribution stocks network items but also technical equipment (consumables, tooling, IPE, measuring devices and so on).

Telenco Distribution has now succeeded in optimising handling of incoming goods and preparation of shipments, so enabling it to cope with growth in its business: twice as many incoming lines as before. The warehouse stocks 10,260 different items, and ships 5,120 packages a month to its clients (telecomms operators, agents, subcontractors, etc.) in France and elsewhere in the world.

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