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First Jungheinrich Miniload


Maximum throughput in this class - Integrated energy storage devices minimise energy costs - Lowest approach dimensions in its class for increased storage capacity

The STC2B1A is the most powerful miniload operating equipment of its class. With a travel speed of more than 6 metres per second and top acceleration, it ranks as the very best of high-performance equipment. It also has energy buffers specially adapted to handling called »SuperCaps«. They store energy released during braking processes and feed it back into the drive system during acceleration. In this way Jungheinrich has been able to reduce the energy requirement and especially the necessary connected load of the rack operating equipment by up to 25% compared to the competition.

Jungheinrich has also designed the STC2B1A for maximum efficiency in terms of space utilisation. Due to the innovative design of the travel rail and the Omega drive system – unlike other miniloads it is integrated into the foot of the mast – the system achieves the lowest approach dimensions in its class. In comparison to all other miniloads on the market, Jungheinrich makes it possible for its customer's to achieve a significantly higher storage capacity with the STC2B1A together with higher throughput for a warehouse of comparable size. Another innovation is the new modular mast design. With lightweight construction it ensures especially high stability of the equipment while also allowing for flexible scalability up to 25 meters.

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Rosenbach, Jungheinrich member of the Jungheinrich Board of Management responsible for logistics systems, explains: »Jungheinrich is setting standards with the STC 2B1A. In terms of throughput performance, energy efficiency, utilisation of space and flexibility, it is the first miniload from Jungheinrich – a true high-performance device and currently the best miniload on the market. No other rack operating equipment in its class comes close to the throughput performance of the STC 2B1A. Thus we have created an unparalleled intelligent and economical logistics solution for our customers that contributes significantly to lowering operating costs.«

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