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Flexibility, quality, safety: This is what the Supply Chain Execution System LFS for cross-divisional control of all logistics processes stands for. We meet the increasing complexity and changing demands of the industry with excellent know-how and market expertise. Using state-of-the-art logistics solutions for maximum customer satisfaction.

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Warehouse Management Systems

  • LFS.wms 8.03 (Validated)

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Company description

Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) is one of the leading logistics experts in the world and, with their LFS software suite, offers a comprehensive solution for all industries. LFS as a supply chain execution system is currently in successful use across five continents and allows the entirety of logistics processes to be managed and controlled across all business units. E+P, the global group, was founded in 1987 and now employs upwards of 500 staff at 14 locations. More than 60,000 users the world over use the LFS system for their supply chain management.

The features offered by the LFS software suite include everything you might need for comprehensive logistics management: the LFS.wms warehouse management system to manage and control your intralogistics; the LFS.mfc material flow calculator; and the LFS.tms transportation management solutions for efficient tour handling and planning. Radio data transmission solutions, warehouse planning and consulting, private cloud and hosting services, and warehouse seminars conducted at the round out the list of comprehensive solutions provided by the E+P Group. Together with in-depth consulting services in relation to warehouse technology, extensive expert knowledge in the area of warehouse logistics, and solid technical support: E+P is your one-stop solution provider.

At present, more than 1,000 customers across all industries can be found on our list of references.

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LFS.wms 8.03


The modular warehouse management system is one of the most powerful cross-industry standard software packages for warehouse logistics. It is conceived for both simple and complex requirements and a professional use in the warehouse.

EPG | LFS makes the ongoing operations in manual and automated storage units 100% transparent. From goods receiving across all intermediate stages up to production supply and shipping – the innovative warehouse management system LFS controls the entire material and information flow in warehouses and distribution centers.

The use of radio frequency systems for the control of forklifts, picking with bar code readers, the integration of Pick-by-Voice or Pick-by-Light systems and the connection of automatic storage units are integral parts of our warehouse solution. Transponder technology (RFID) has also been integrated into our system’s logistical processes and is a fixed part of our standard solution.

For the user, the EPG | LFS warehouse management system’s high degree of maturity means maximum investment and future security, high functionality and an extremely economical high-quality product.

Target group

Our customers are companies from all industries like trade, production, food, non-food, automobile, logistics service, beverages, pharmaceutical, textile, engineering, electronics as well as hospitals or publishing houses.


The range of services provided by the EPG includes high-quality solutions for the manufacturer-independent connection of automatic storage units and materials handling systems as well as the replacement of existing warehouse control systems in existing installations.

The EPG warehouse control system (WCS) allows controlling and coordinating the material flows in warehouses and distribution centers in a comfortable and flexible way. The WCS receives transport commands from the EPG | LFS warehouse management system or another host system and executes them in order to take the transport units to their destination. The integrated visualization provides the user with an overview of the current material flow and allows manual interventions where necessary.

The warehouse control system can be integrated into an existing warehouse management system or implemented as a stand-alone system. This usually takes place during running operation.


In our innovative logistics training center, our qualified instructors and warehouse logistics experts transfer knowledge from the domain of warehouse logistics. The courses offer authentic practical information – from radio frequency across Pick-by-Voice up to RFID.

As the world’s only competence center in the logistics industry, we qualify warehouse logisticians and technical departments for their day-to-day business. The course participants can experience the different options of modern warehouse logistics in practice and benefit from their knowledge edge.

Highly qualified experts and managers from the logistics industry are in demand and sought after. We will make you fit for the future market of logistics – be it for a rational and more economic development of your company’s warehouse logistics or a career as an expert in logistics.

Companies count on us when it comes to a practice-oriented and cost-efficient training of their employees. If required, the courses can be given on the customer’s premises or in our Boppard-Buchholz logistics center. Our intensive seminars are tailored to the needs and challenges of the different industries.

By the way: Our concept of an integrated logistics center has been so successful that more logistics centers are built all over the world to train and further educate warehouse experts.

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LFS.V8 - Main Menu
LFS.V8 - Favorites
LFS.V8 - Transport Order
LFS.V8 - Bin Locations
LFS.V8 - Warehouse Occupancy
LFS.V8 - Logistics Warning System


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Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Alte Römerstraße 3

56154 Boppard-Buchholz


Telephone: +49 (0) 6742 / 8727 - 0

Fax: +49 (0) 6742 / 8727 - 50

Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Brasil

Rua Oscar Freire 2295

CEP: 05409-011 Pinheiros - São Paulo - Brasil


Telephone: (+55) 3087-4400

Fax: (+55) 11-2384-1085

EPS - Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions s.r.o.

Milady Horákové 109/116

160 00 Prague 6

Czech Republic

Telephone: (+420) 273 131 600

Fax: (+420) 273 131 650

Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Auf dem Königslande 39

22041 Hamburg


Telephone: (+49) 67 42-87 27 0

Fax: (+49) 67 42-87 27 50

Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Carl-Zeiss-Straße 1

63755 Alzenau


Telephone: (+49) 67 42-87 27 0

Fax: (+49) 67 42-87 27 50

IAW - Institut für Angewandte Warehouse-Logistik

Hellerwaldstraße 1A

D-56154 Boppard-Buchholz


Telephone: (+49) 67 42-80 47 80

Fax: (+49) 67 42-80 47 85 0

EPS - Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions in Poland

ul. Antalla 8/17

03-126 Warszawa


Telephone: (+48) 500 444 170

Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions S.L.

Calle Benet Mateu 40

08034 Barcelona


Telephone: (+34) 931 597 321

Fax: (+34) 932 057 221

Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions AG

Platz 3

6039 Root D4


Telephone: (+41) 41-455 27 45

Fax: (+41) 41-455 27 49

EPS - Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions DWC-LLC

P.O. Box

644300 Dubai, UAE

United Arab Emirates

Telephone: (+971) 4-87 01 00 0

Fax: (+971) 4-87 01 05 0

Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions US

15720 Brixham Hill Ave Suite 334

NC 28277 Charlotte

United States

Telephone: (+1) 704 927 1483

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