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Warehouse Management Systems

  • Solvo.WMS 5.6 (Validated)

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Solvo.WMS 5.6


Solvo.WMS is a real time, high-performance warehouse management solution fully automated to manage all aspects of warehouse operations and to optimize logistic technological processes to achieve maximum performance and accuracy.

Solvo's solutions make it possible to control the entire warehouse operations cycle in realtime, manage warehouse personnel and equipment, and monitor all technological processes with precision.

Solvo solutions are embedded with interfaces of various ERPs, such as MS Navision, MS Axapta, iScala, PeopleSoft, 1C, Monolit, Galactica, Parus.

Solvo.WMS Warehouse Management System

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Target group

Solvo.WMS is a high-end automation system for medium-sized and large-scale warehouses.

SOLVO offers industry solutions for various applications, such as retail, sales, services, fleet management, manufacturing, pharmacy, 3PL, food production, chemicals, textiles, paper & printing, automotive, and many others.



  • Flexibly prioritized and optimized flow of goods and resources.
  • Increased data accuracy (up to 99.9%) for exact quantity and location of goods within the warehouse.
  • Full visibility of product flows and distribution.
  • Improved product placement to increase warehouse storage capacity from 5 to 15%.
  • Accelerated product distribution.
  • Reduction in write-offs of expired, time-sensitive products.


  • Increased productivity (between 10 and 20% on average).
  • Enhanced efficiency of personnel management.

Customer Service

  • Enhanced control over order compilation accuracy.
  • Improved customer servicing.

Management Control and Goods Circulation

  • Increased efficiency of operational interaction between all warehouse process participants.
  • Guaranteed realtime access to current process information.
  • Physical inventarization without warehouse work stoppage.
  • Full integration with ERP.


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Solvo Ltd.

Kolomyazhsky Av. 33 A

197341 St.Petersburg

Russian Federation


Head of International Sales Dan Pershing

Telephone: +7 (812) 60-60-555

Fax: +7 (812) 60-60-771

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