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Company description

SOLVO is one of the leading European developers and providers of B2B software and hardware solutions in the field of supply chain execution (SCE), logistics processes’ planning and optimization. These include various high-end IT solutions for container and general cargo handling and warehouse logistics management.

SOLVO has 24 years of experience and hundreds of customers in different regions of the World.

The main area of business for Solvo is proprietary software solutions for supply chain execution such as Solvo.WMS for warehouse logistics, and Solvo.TOS for ports and terminals, which is a solid #1 solution in Russia and CIS countries. The solutions feature   technologies such as WEB

As part of the all-in-one package Solvo also offers 3rd party solutions from vendors such as Oracle, SAP, Seagull and others.

Solvo holds strong positions in scanning and mobility hardware market representing the leading brands and vendors such as Panasonic in industrial mobile computing; Zebra in label printing and Cisco in Wi-Fi technology, etc. with the wide range of products ranging from radio data terminals

As systems integrator SOLVO provides a full range of services related to rolling out infrastructure systems at an industrial facility - data and communication networks, such as Wi-Fi and LAN, access control systems, optical character recognition systems and much more, as well as construction of accompanying engineering infrastructure.

As a business consultant, Solvo provides warehouse business process audit, warehouse engineering design development and warehouse logistics training courses of all kind.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia, Solvo has 6 worldwide offices including Moscow, Russia; the Hague, the Netherlands; Rome, Italy; Dubai, UAE and Sao Paulo, Brazil; employs 150+ people and works with 50+ partners worldwide.

Solvo is also a member of various international organizations such as SMDG embracing global UN/EDIFACT experts, software vendors associations such as Russoft and APKIT, Fraunhofer IML and CML and databases and more.

Information related to the product

WMSSolvo.WMS 5.8


Solvo.WMS is a real time, high-performance warehouse management solution suitable for different types of warehouses enabling them to achieve maximum performance and accuracy.

Solvo.WMS is a part of Solvo.SCE - an integrated supply chain execution platform with modern service-oriented architecture that combines WMS, YMS, CTMS, Billing, KPIs, WEB-portal and more.

Solvo's solutions make it possible to control the entire warehouse operations cycle in realtime, manage warehouse personnel and equipment and monitor all technological processes with precision.

Solvo.WMS allows seamless integration with all popular ERPs, such as SAP, Micrsosoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Sage, iScala, PeopleSoft, 1C, Monolit and many more. However, a WMS can be implemented autonomously if a connection to an ERP or SCM system is not required.

Supports both Oracle db and PostgreSQL.


  • System workflow operates on the principle of address-based storage, automatic cargo identification, remote personnel and equipment management based on easily configurable rules and strategies in real time.

  • One of the main advantages of Solvo.WMS is the system’s scalability. The system contains a wide range of various functions, which can be activated and configured by users without programming at any moment in time depending on business process growth at a particular warehouse.

  • The accounting system of Solvo.WMS is cutting edge. Due to Crystal Reports and BarTender technology as well as in-house advancements, users have the ability to create and print any type of report in real time.
  • Multi-lingual interface (English, Russian (Cyrilic), French, Arabic)

  • The accounting principle in the system is load-based instead of SKU-based.

The system operates based on the real world principle of “load” – pallet, carton etc. including the concept of “package” and load ID etc.

This is a key aspect, which sets Solvo.WMS apart from conventional ERP warehouse modules and many other accounting systems, which maintain an inventory balance in view of storage locations and subsequently set limitations. Therefore, Solvo.WMS has moved beyond the virtual warehouse method and now allows the user to keep record of stock items in a more comprehensive and precise manner such as during shipping (without any tie-in to the inventory balance).

  • The system supports fully functional lot-accounting.

The ability to consolidate goods by certain attributes (expiration date, production date, client ID, serial number etc.) and then restore the exact lot contents during shipping, effectively monitor goods by lot at any moment in time and at any stage (tracebility) or block a shipment, if necessary.

  • Support of various types of receiving incl. by ASN, automatic пreceiving from production, with the RDT/PC/paper-based etc.
  • Cross-docking (incl. pick-by-line)
  • Catchweight management
  • Support of RFID technology:
  • Visual interactive warehouse topology editor
  • Support of all rack-based storage and zoning types
  • Instant access to information on occupancy, SKU location etc.
  • Support of several effective inventory method types including without work stoppage
  • Support of various types of picking zone replenishment methods: dynamic picking channels, commissioning, push-out.
  • Support of various group assembly methods: by order, multipicking, put-to-store
  • Support of Pick-to-light and Pick-by-light technology: Moving (Pick-by-light); Eigenentwicklung eines Kunden (Pick-to-light)
  • Support of pick-by-voice systems: Topsystem - LYDIA, Vocollect - Talkman, Voxware - Voxware

And much more

Target group

Suitable for warehouses of any size including large-scale warehouses. Usually suitable for warehouses with an area starting from 2000m2.

Can be implemented at both fully manual and fully-automated warehouses.

Solvo.WMS is available in a number of industry-specific configurations, such as WMS for DCs including e-commerce, production warehouses (finished goods, raw materials), 3PL-operators and fulfillment centers, delivery and postal service providers.

That includes:

  • Drug warehouse
  • Anesthetics warehouse
  • Cross dock facilities
  • Spare parts warehouse
  • Consignment warehouse
  • Food warehouse
  • Production supply warehouse (e.g. Kanban)
  • Cold storage
  • Distribution warehouse / chain store

Operation area

Supports: A-Frame, Pick-to-Light Trolleys (SSI Schafer, Itec/Attec, KNAPP, Moving, Kardex, Modula); HiBay (SSI Schafer, Naaraharju Oy, BT, etc).


- Supports various storage systems: Bulk warehouse (e.g. floor block, drive-in racking), Container storage system (automatic), Flow storage, Hanging garments storage, Channel / satellite warehouse, Carousel storage system, horizontal carousel, Storage system for long materials, Container / small-parts warehouse (manual), Small-parts warehouse with storage and retrieval machine (automatic), Cantilever storage system (manual), Manual high-bay racking, Silo, tank, Sorter, Storage system with a gallery level, Tray warehouse, Mobile rack warehouse (manual).


Average project volume for your WMS projects (manual warehouse): € 50,001 - € 100,000


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Location and contact information

Solvo Ltd.

Kolomyazhsky Av. 33 A

197341 St.Petersburg

Russian Federation


Head of International Sales Dan Pershing

Telephone: +7 (812) 60-60-555

Fax: +7 (812) 60-60-771

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