Questionnaires Logistics IT Systems

The System Questionnaires – Core of the »Logistics IT Database«

The basis of the »Logistics IT Database« provided by Fraunhofer IML are the system questionnaires, which, depending on the system, cover between 1,000 and 3,700 aspects. Thereby both company-specific aspects of the Logistics IT provider and functional specifics of the offered Logistics IT system are recorded.

In the area of company specifics, in addition to general aspects about the company, the questionnaires cover the companies range of services and experiences, e.g:

  • What industry experience is available?
  • Which functionalities of the systems have already been realized in projects?
  • Which operating systems and languages are supported?

However, the system questionnaires focus on the functional support of common logistic processes and functions provided by the respective system.

This results in a level of detail that reflects both the individual requirements of the user and the functional capabilities of the system solutions.

The questionnaires are adapted and extended annually according to the latest requirements and developments. In addition to project experience of »Team warehouse logistics«, feedback from database users (Logistics IT providers, Logistics IT users and consulting companies) is also considered.

Only after the validation, the information provided by the system providers is entered into the »Logistics IT Database« and made available to the users in the context of the »Logistics IT Online Selection«. The annual update of the questionnaire in connection with the annual validation ensures that the data is always up-to-date.

Systems of the »Logistics IT Database«

The following systems are part of the »Logistics IT Database«. Below you will find further information about the questionnaires including a list of typical questions.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
The task of a warehouse management system is to manage and optimize internal warehouse systems.
Transport Management System (TMS)
A Transport Management System (TMS) includes the planning and optimization of procurement and distribution structures as well as the management and control of the resulting transport processes.
Forklift Guidance System (FGS)
A forklift guidance system (FGS, also known as transport control system or picking control system) is used for the efficient control of internal transport tasks, considering resource management by vehicle or industrial truck dispatch and guidance.
Resource Planning System (RPS)
Systems for personnel resource planning (RPS) include demand-oriented personnel planning, optimization and communication, considering qualitative and quantitative employee capacities.

Business Intelligence System (BI)
Business Intelligence (BI) systems are used to collect, prepare and present data for the key figure-based support of decisions in business processes.
Pick-by Systems (Pick-by)
Pick-by systems support the picker in the intuitive guidance through the picking process.

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