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Nespoli’s new warehouse management speaks for itself
Branch: Wholesale: Construction sites
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GoLive: February 2016
WMS: Click Reply WM 4.7
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Company Nespoli Germany is part of the Nespoli Group, a leading designer and manufacturer of painting tools, metal tools, spray paints and household goods (cleaning supplies). The company has locations in and beyond Europe and does business on a global scale. It employs approximately 1,600 staff. It is based in Cantù (Italy), where it is managed by Luigi and Alessandro Nespoli.

Project Description The primary tasks scope performed for the project included introducing Voice order picking; replacing paper-based processes with real-time technologies, such as mobile devices (RF and Voice); change management – workforces in the warehouses had grown accustomed to working with legacy systems; and complex article master data management (incl. variant management, alternative codes, trademarks, value-added services such as kitting for promotional purposes and returns management, in addition to the interface to the freight shipping system).

The special features of the project included management of transfers and transfers among several locations with global visibility of inventories, managing high peak seasonal pick volumes with up to 15,000 order items per day and the necessity to implement automated processes instead of paper-based procedures.
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