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Descartes Acquires STEPcom


Strengthens B2B Supply Chain Integration Capabilities on the Global Logistics Network


STEPcom has connected trading partners to its B2B network for more than 15 years, helping supply chain participants connect, collaborate and seamlessly exchange electronic data. A community of more than 600 customers leverage the STEPcom suite of solutions to automate supply chain processes and streamline a wide array of complex, mission-critical documents found in typical procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. STEPcom also operates a GS1-certified, industry-independent data content pool where suppliers can share product master data with customers all around the world.

»The supply chain landscape continues to evolve as an increasing number of industries are pushing for more and more electronic data from their trading partners, putting pressure on supply chain participants to manage a dynamic set of connections with often-changing trading partners« said Fred van der Heide, VP of Product Strategy at Descartes. »STEPcom’s network, much like Descartes’ Global Logistics Network, helps isolate customers from the complexities of different protocols, semantics and end-user requirements for managing and transmitting electronic supply chain data and documents.«

»The STEPcom acquisition complements our previous Compudata investment in Switzerland, helping us to better serve the market and introduce a wider set of solutions to a larger customer base,« said Edward Ryan, Descartes’ CEO. »We welcome STEPcom’s customers and its strong team of B2B supply chain domain experts to the Global Logistics Network.«

STEPcom is headquartered in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. Descartes acquired the various group of companies that collectively operate under the STEPcom name for CHF 19.3 million in cash (approximately $US 19.6 million), satisfied from Descartes’ existing acquisition line of credit.

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