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inconso builds modern system for fashion logistics


In "Germany`s largest wardrobe," the fashion company BONITA relies on SAP EWM and inconso Add-ons

As a fashion chain, BONITA GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Hamminkeln has been on an expansion course with BONITA for women’s wear and NIC for menswear. In order to handle the continuing expansion of the European-wide branch network with the highest logistics quality today and in the future, Bonita is setting up a new central distribution center for textiles. inconso AG was entrusted with the setup of the warehouse management system using SAP EWM including the material flow control.

The new logistics center contains five levels over an area of 165 x 55 meters plus an area of approx. 50 x 45 meters in the adjacent building. The core function is the first fully automatic high shelf warehouse with a hanging system for textiles in continental Europe. Until now, a comparable warehouse has only been operated in Great Britain. In the "largest wardrobe in Germany," an automatic carton warehouse for lying goods and a large dimensioned picking zone were set up among other things. The logistic processes are managed and controlled using a combination of SAP EWM and inconso Add-ons.

BONITA is already supplying more than 888 own BONITA branches and 69 own NIC branches in Germany and some neighboring countries (Status January 2009). The expansion of the network with around 150 branches per year, the planned inclusion of further countries in Europe and the expansion of the portfolio of brands require an expansion of the logistics resources and the movement to an expandable application system for all the areas of the supply chain.

In connection with this, BONITA has decided to cover its business management applications as much as possible with SAP Retail and to use SAP EWM for the execution of the processes in the new distribution center. inconso AG supplements the warehouse management with a high performance material flow control system (MFS) on a server of its own. This is an integrated SAP solution using inconso Add-ons, a component developed completely in SAP technology and inconsoS/LINE as a universally deployable communication software. The leading German supplier of consulting and software solutions for logistics guarantees an integrated development within a standard software system from the order through to the SPS.

After all, a considerable quantity must be handled at BONITA. Using the hanging goods technology, for example, up to 15,000 parts are moved per hour. The throughput is designed for up to 10,000 cartons with 400,000 articles per day. In the picking areas, Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light systems are used. Among other
things, the solution also covers a returns processing, an efficient customs processing as well as special processes for the seasonal business or for the supply of new opening and reorganization branches.

Among other factors, the order was given to inconso AG because of the extensive experience from a variety of comparable projects realized successfully with the control of highly complex conveyor technology system. In addition, the use of the simulation system inconsoSIM for a highly efficient preparation for the implementation phase as well as the fact that the planned cooperation would enable the BONITA employees to adapt and develop the logistics system further by themselves in the future were decisive factors.

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