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TGW Solution For Audi In Neckarsulm


AUDI AG is installing a new automated tote warehouse for small parts at their production site in Neckarsulm, Germany, revitalising the assembly line supply.

TGW Systems Integration GmbH was entrusted with the implementation of this system with a total order value of more than 11,000,000 EUR.

TGW Systems Integration will implement the new intra-logistics solution as general contractor, being responsible for the entire system including mechanical and control components. A 15-aisle Mustang warehouse for different tote sizes forms the core element of the installation. A conveyor system connects the warehouse to the automatic de-palletising area and manual repacking stations in the goods-in area. The small parts totes required for assembly line supply are retrieved according to orders on two levels of the installation. The subsequent order buffer, consisting of 11 TGW Commissioner handling machines, serves to sequence the retrieved totes to provide the goods in correct order on special transport carts that bring the totes to the corresponding assembly lines.

Audi’s new logistics installation in Neckarsulm will be installed at the beginning of 2010 and go live in autumn 2010.

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