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Solvo.WMS Operational testing successfully completed at Lebedyansky Plant


Solvo Ltd. and Lebedyansky JSC announced the extension of their collaboration to deploy advanced logistics systems

The new project has involved the deployment of the Solvo.WMS management system at a 14-thousand-pallet warehouse located in the city of Lebedyan, Russia. Currently, the system has been launched in the test mode.

In this project, Solvo successfully implemented the management of standard tasks typical for beverages manufacture warehouses, such as product expiry recording, FEFO-based software shipment, product acceptance control, outside vendor deliveries recording, etc.

One of the distinguishing features of the project is a solution for data exchange using e-gateways between Solvo.WMS and Lebedyansky's corporate systems at every part of the logistic chain. To this end, the OeBS system used to manage the manufacture process was combined with Solvo.WMS to send information about both expected and finished product butches, as well as the volume and other characteristics of the manufactured products. In addition, the Navision system dedicated to managing sales operations sends requests to Solvo.WMS to ship finished products from the warehouse.

According to data from Elettric 80 packaging and wrapping equipment control system, cargoes are automatically accepted to Solvo.WMS, and collecting data on finished products and their movements over the production facilities is performed. Products received from manufacture lines with no Elettric80 equipment are automatically accepted to Solvo.WMS using the signals from pallet movement sensors.

Furthermore, at the output of the manufacture lines, applicator printers are used to put labels with detailed information on each crago item. The technology has succesfully been used by Solvo in several previous automation projects—for example at Baltika's brewery plants.

Finished products are shipped from the plant to either traditional warehouse or the SSI Schäfer Noell GmbH automated warehouse holding 50 thousand pallets. Solvo.WMS is working as the host system for the Ant.WCS SSI Schaefer control system to generate requests for accepting products to automated reach warehouse and requests for sending pallets from the warehouse to the gateway and then to the automated reach warehouse control system.

The operational testing of the entire system deployed at the warehouse has proved that Solvo.WMS successfully performs the required tasks. Currently, Solvo is preparing the launch of the system in the full-scale commercial operation mode.

Solvo Ltd. and Lebedyansky JSC have had a long time cooperation. The Solvo.WMS control system has been chosen to be employed as a corporate standard system to automate Lebedyansky's warehouses since 2006.

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