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Manhattan Associates launches FieldSCOUT™ For On-the-Go Supply Chain visibility


Mobile supply chain initiatives have become a top priority for companies that want immediate visibility of supply chain processes while in the field, in real-time.

Solutions that rely on radio frequency (RF) technologies are often impractical and need wireless connections that are not readily available. To address these needs, Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) has launched FieldSCOUT™: Supply Chain Optimized for Untethered Technology to put ground-level supply chain functions in the hands of the frontline professionals who keep goods and services flowing.

Working with handheld devices, FieldSCOUT is an application designed for today's extended enterprise to deliver on-the-go visibility and decision-making power, even when users are occasionally disconnected.

"Having a mobile supply chain strategy just makes good sense if you consider that nearly 75 percent of U.S. workers are now mobile," said Eddie Capel, executive vice president, global operations, Manhattan Associates "For supply chain professionals, that means moving functionality out of the office and closer to customers via the hands of the end user."

FieldSCOUT applications function with Manhattan's Supply Chain Process Platform by utilizing core solutions in combination with an intelligent client interface residing on a handheld device running Windows Mobile. Always available, even when a wireless connection is unavailable or lost, FieldSCOUT allows a user to continue to make supply chain decisions whether working in a store aisle or in an off-site storage facility.

Current FieldSCOUT applications include:

  • FieldSCOUT for Hub Management: Users can perform scan-based receiving quickly for inbound shipments, as well as print new outbound shipping labels and documentation "from the hip" when required and execute shipments once fully loaded and ready for departure.
  • FieldSCOUT for Store Gateway: Enables scan-based receiving for all deliveries, Locates inventory anywhere in the store or in neighboring stores and quickly manages ad-hoc inventory adjustments for in-store consumption or spot-counts.

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