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PSI wins order from SWS Nahverkehr GmbH


ITCS supports modern ticketing system

PSI subsidiary PSI Transcom GmbH was awarded as general contractor by the SWS Nahverkehr GmbH with the implementation of an Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS), including the extension of the ticketing system. The solution will be implemented on the basis of the PSI telematics system already existing at the Verkehrsgemeinschaft Nordvorpommern (VGN) and will go into operation at the beginning of 2011.

The contract includes the delivery, installation, start-up and training of the system. The primary objective is the homogenisation of the system landscape with the neighbouring transport companies Kraftverkehrsgesellschaft Ribnitz Damgarten (KVG) and Rügener Personennahverkehrs GmbH (RPNV). With the joint use of vehicles, cost advantages and centralised disposition will be realised. To accomplish that, the equipment in the vehicles will be extended by the functions ticket sales, e-ticketing and EC debiting procedures. The ITCS will, in particular, support vehicle monitoring, connection assurance and dynamic passenger information.

To improve customer service and reduce fare-dodging, the current mobile ticket-machines will be replaced by e-ticketing-capable, driver-operated tills at the driver’s door. The board-computer from Krauth Technology GmbH will be prepared for the use of a core-application handling (VDV KA) e-ticketing.

SWS Nahverkehr GmbH belongs to the Stadtwerke Stralsund Group and is completing the contract for public transportation in the city at the order of the City of Stralsund. Thirty-three buses travel seven lines that, in some cases, lead into the rural districts Nordvorpommern and Rügen.

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