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Logistics specialist KNAPP strengthens presence in Asia


Framework agreement with Japanese logistics company Daifuku signed.

KNAPP AG, one of the world's leading suppliers of all-in-one intralogistic solutions and turnkey systems in warehouse logistics and warehouse automation, continues on the road to global expansion. The cooperation contract with the Japanese com-pany Daifuku, one of the largest suppliers of "Material Handling Systems" (MHE), strengthens KNAPP AG's presence in Asian growth markets. This cooperation also provides excellent syn-ergies for both joint market development and several product groups. KNAPP and Daifuku are bent on a long-term, lasting cooperation – Daifuku has purchased 6 percent of KNAPP shares from shareholders in management.

"Our strategic goal is to continually expand our international activities. We are definitely ready for further growth: we are one of the global market leaders in important core business areas, and our product and solution portfolio is highly innovative. With this cooperation, we have laid foundations for increased development of Asian growth markets", says KNAPP AG CEO Edu-ard Wünscher.

Daifuku is one of the world's largest suppliers of logistics solutions, specializing in pallet and container warehouse systems. Daifuku's target market is primarily Japan. The company also holds a strong market position in China. Additional contracts will specify the exact nature of the cooperation between KNAPP and Daifuku. The opportunities that the current cooperation con-tract provides pave the way for the group's further expansion.

KNAPP has now moved to a favourable position that enables the development of Asian markets for automatic and semi-automatic picking of parts. The opportunities for growth have improved significantly, above all in China. KNAPP will also gain access to an extensive complementary product portfolio in pallet handling, which can now be used for KNAPP warehouses.

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