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KNAPP is ISO certified for environmental standard 14001


The integrated management system of KNAPP AG was certified in all areas at the end of 2011. Significant was the first-time certification according to the international environmental management standards ISO 14001

The company was also honoured in quality management according to ISO 9001, as well as according to OHSAS 18001 in occupational health and safety.

In this time of climate change KNAPP is asking environmentally relevant questions and and working for more transparency with regard to society, the locals and naturally the employees. KNAPP's corporate environmental policy emphasizes central topics such as resource conservation and limiting emissions and risk.

Early on in the development of warehouse logistics systems, KNAPP pays special attention to selecting environmentally conservative raw materials and purchased parts. Production in Hart bei Graz is carried out with the most modern technological standards, where environmental protection is a very familiar theme. For over a decade, KNAPP has been a member of ÖKOPROFIT, the environmental program of the city of Graz, and optimizes the raw material use and energy efficiency on an ongoing basis. The company has also received environmental prizes such as for the powder recovery and water treatment system. In this way KNAPP guarantees customers systems that are not only energy efficient, but also environmentally friendly.

KNAPP really scores with the 50,000 m² headquarters in Hart bei Graz with a production hall that is heated in winter with machine waste heat. The Corporate Headquarters and Development Centre, which opened in 2010, was also designed for low energy consumption. KNAPP's corporate environmental policy is practised on an everyday basis with many small measures such as the use of environmental-friendly print products or the new waste sorting system.

"The conscientious pursuit of sustainability and environmental issues is very important to the company in all areas, from administration to production. At home we separate trash, save electricity and make purchases conscientiously. Our individual responsibilities do not stop when we get to work. We established an environment team with employees from the various departments, to pull everyone together on this topic, for example, with an idea contest or reports for our employee magazine. A corporate environmental policy must be clear and out in the open, so that it can be practised," stated Gerald Hofer, Managing Board of KNAPP AG.

For KNAPP, constant improvement does not stop with the certification. A fleet of bicycles is planned for short work-related trips, and further talks regarding public transportation are in the works.

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