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HILTI calls upon Savoye to re-organise and fit out its new site in Ile de France


Partially destroyed by a fire in March 2011, HILTI’S (equipment and services for the construction industry) logistic warehouse in Magny-les-Hameaux (78) will reopen its doors at the end of November 2012 with new Savoye developments and handling equipment.

March 2011: A third of the HILTI warehouse in Magny-les-Hameaux in the Yvelines was devastated by a fire which had been started deliberately (3 000m2 of a total 10 000m2). « As well as the shock, we had to manage the crisis and the logistics urgently », remembers Bruno SAUTIER, HILTI’s global logistics manager.

To do this, the group, specialised in products and equipment for construction industry professionals, could count on the active support of its partners. Amongst whom, Savoye. The SAVOYE division, which has been one of the HILTI group’s partners since 2002, assisted them in opening a temporary warehouse in Trappes 6 km from the damaged site and in re-deploying its subsidiary a-SIS’ IT solutions and equipment such as racks, conveyors, etc. which had been spared. « Within three months, the site was open and operational. We were able to repatriate the logistic activities which we had provisionally sent to our warehouses in Oberhausen in Germany and in Alcala in Spain there », he clarifies.

A complicated opening

In November, both partners were faced with a new challenge: the re-opening of the site in Magny-les-Hameaux, which the group owns. From making sure that the building complies with the norms in force through to the equipment installation, nothing is left to chance: « We want to bounce back from this drama to create opportunities for improving service and efficiency », confides Bruno SAUTIER. Since the fire, Savoye has been working alongside HILTI and its other partners on defining a new organisation and implementing equipment to be in a position to optimise the group’s logistic efficiency. Savoye relied on its perfect knowledge of HILTI’s flows to draw up its suggestions relating to organisation and equipment. « In addition to the speed of the project’s implementation, one of the most complex aspects is re-using and repairing equipment which is already on site and associating them with the new equipment, whilst improving the processes », confides Christophe DRAPIER, Savoye’s sales engineer.

A new computer-aided handling line and a preparation system with stations will be fitted. This equipment will be associated with the reclaimed Savoye equipment : conveyors, box erectors, Jivaro® and lidding machines, 12 chute dispatch sorter, dynamic PRODEX (a subsidiary of Savoye) cabinets, as well as a-SIS’ WMS LM.

The equipment implementation and the stock transfer should be carried out over a three-week period, for the site to be operational mid-December.

Improving productivity, quality and user-friendliness

This new organisation should enable HILTI to achieve productivity equivalent to that of the original warehouse – in terms of lines processed per hour – the first few months after going-live with a fast development potential over the year. From the day it opens, the site will supply nearly 100 shops in Northern France and will ensure the preparation of 5 500 direct customer orders a day. The group aims to improve its productivity by 20% and intends to optimise its preparation quality. Finally, the different equipment and organisation will enable workstation user-friendliness to be improved. In the end, new projects could be envisaged between Savoye and HILTI.

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