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a-SIS signs with the Brasserie de Tahiti


a-SIS (editor of warehouse software solutions, a subsidiary of Savoye, the logistic solutions division of the Legris Industries group) will implement its maGistor WMS at five distribution platforms belonging to the company Brasserie de Tahiti, based in French Polynesia.

By signing with the Brasserie de Tahiti for the roll-out of its maGistor WMS to its five distribution platforms, the editor a-SIS extends its presence to French Polynesia. The project will be operational at the end of 2013, beginning of 2014. Two of the logistic sits which will be equipped with maGistor are located close to two of the industrialist’s production factories:

in Punaruu for beer (Hinano and Tabu), fizzy drinks (Coca Cola, Orangina, and Schweppes), fruit juice (Rotui, HIC), and water (Premium Water) and in Arue for its other water brands (Eau Royale and O'Tahiti). A third factory is located on the sister island of Moorea for the production in particular of fruit juice and punch (Rotui, Sunwave, Manutea).

The company ensure the distribution of its brands, but also that of major international brands with which it has negotiated marketing licences in French Polynesia (Coca-Cola, Orangina, Schweppes, etc.) from three other logistic platforms based on other Polynesian islands. To date, the Brasserie de Tahiti has managed its flows using BASIS, Coca Cola’s sales management software, from goods-in to dispatch via order fulfilment. By implementing a-SIS’ WMS, the producer-distributor should improve its process performance, have exemplary product traceability and ensure greater reliability of the data gathered and communicated throughout the distribution chain. Last May, on the advice of the agency Opus 31, the Brasserie de Tahiti therefore chose the editor and integrator a-SIS’ WMS. The latter was selected for its application’s user-friendliness, its ability to offer global turnkey solutions (software and hardware) in a multi-site configuration and also for its availability (support service 24 hours a day).

A second stage of the project is planned which includes an extension of the maGistor WMS for raw material stock management.

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