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a-SIS takes care of hospitals with LM CH Pack


a-SIS (the IT subsidiary of Savoye, the logistic solution division of the Legris Industries group) is launching the LM CH Pack offer, dedicated to hospital centre logistics.

Much more than a WMS, LM CH Pack from a-SIS is a verticalised offer with numerous functionalities which have been specifically designed for hospital logistics. Relying on its 15 years’ experience, a-SIS drew on its knowledge of the medical sector to develop what is without any doubt the most complete and successful software suite on the market. Thanks to this new solution, the central pharmacy can thus manage requests made by the hospital’s various departments, called Functional Units, internally to control the replenishment orders to be sent to its suppliers (laboratories…), to carry out the department request preparations and monitor their delivery. Each department can also manage its own stock of medication or medical devices thanks to a-SIS’ tool. LM CH Pack is interfaced with any type of financial management and mechanised equipment information systems which are peculiar to hospital centres, such as dispensing robots, the collection system or secure cabinets. The offer is also adapted to the organisation which is peculiar to hospitals taking into account, for example, the « full-empty » endowment system which is close to the Kanban method which is implemented in the automobile industry.

By responding exactly to the profession’s expectations in terms of logistics, a-SIS’ solution allows hospital centres to implement the precise tracking of medication, which has to be dispensed to the right patient, at the right time and with flawless health controls. When the central stock is outside the main building, LM CH Pack includes a transport management module to ensure tracking continuity during the journey.

« It is a real packaged offer, with all the functionalities required for the smooth running of a hospital central pharmacy, explains Evelyne Raynaud, a-SIS’ Product Director. We know the requirements which are peculiar to the sector and the particular problems with which they are faced ». Several hospital centres, including those in Dijon, Rennes and Tours, have already been fitted with a-SIS solutions over the last few years, ensuring that the editor has a solid reputation in the sector, which sometimes struggles to find solutions dedicated to its profession.

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