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ABC Distribution chooses INTELIS conveyors for its new warehouse


As a growing company, ABC Distribution made the most of moving to larger premises to equip its logistics with the right tools, to improve its service quality, its responsiveness but also its operators’ working conditions. It chose INTELIS conveyors by Savoye, for their scalability.

It is a big step for ABC Distribution’s logistics... The implementation of Savoye’s INTELIS conveyors at its new warehouse in Bonneuil-sur-Marne (94), which will be operational by the end of the year, should help its logistics to take off. The project’s aims: to absorb the company’s strong growth, to improve service quality, to improve responsiveness and its order pickers working conditions. Created in 2001, this company which is specialised in distribution, for mass distribution brands, beauty and hair care products and accessories, for the brands Franck Provost, Elite or Bérangé Paris, was quickly a success. In 2002, ABC Distribution had a turnover of 3 million Euros; it is currently 60 million Euros with, on average, 250 orders processed daily, by about twenty operators, amongst approximately 3000 references. Faced with this growth and future growth, ABC Distribution decided to move in 2013, whilst remaining in the same industrial park, from premises measuring 3 800 m2 to another building measuring 4 500 m², which is higher, and will be delivered by September 2014. »This move was also the opportunity for us to think about the best equipment for order preparation«, explains Rabah CHABANE, Operations Director at ABC Distribution. »We therefore asked our suppliers and our customers, and Savoye’s name was the one which came up the most often, for its expertise and know-how«.

Savoye’s INTELIS conveyors were chosen, for their scalability, which enables the company to envisage the future and its growth with peace of mind. After an analysis of the activity over a year, two order preparation lines should be implemented with 16 picking stations, with the possibility of implementing a third one if future activity so requires. Before preparation begins, the boxes are erected by a machine, which is also provided by Savoye and the launch is carried out automatically. At the end of each of the two preparation lines, a weight check is carried out automatically or manually when the box is too light for the scales. Then, the box goes through a detector, the delivery note is printed and automatically deposited in the box, which continues its journey until automatic lidding, using equipment implemented by Savoye. The conveyor then sorts the boxes according to the designated carrier, bearing in mind that 70% of the dispatches go to mass distribution shops; the rest go to other warehouses. The system is controlled by the WMS Logys by a-SIS, Savoye’s computing subsidiary.

Improved working conditions

Absorbing current growth and taking future development into account weren’t the only criteria in choosing Savoye’s equipment, which will be operational when the building is delivered, in autumn 2014. »Indeed, we also wanted a solution which would allow us to keep our workforce at the same level, whilst offering the very best working conditions«, explains Rabah CHABANE. Until now, the pickers had to move around the warehouse to make up orders, the installation recommended by Savoye will take the boxes to them, saving them many kilometres and transporting numerous loads.

»All of Savoye’s know-how and experience in our field was required so that in the end everything seemed easy for the user«, concludes the Operations Director.

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