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Integrated Process Management for Shuttle Solutions


With the PMS-S module for your Process Management System (PMS), Aberle GmbH, Leingarten, has now introduced a new, self-contained software package for the control of shuttle systems which are not dependent on aisles or levels.

The new module rounds off the range of applications for the PMS, with which the Aberle software package covers all the IT requirements of modern logistics centres, from warehouse management (PMS-W), material flow control (PMS-M) and process visualisation (PMS-V), to the optimisation of energy consumption in intralogistics (PMS-E).

»With the development of the PMS-S we were responding promptly to the high level of demand for forward-looking shuttle solutions in the warehouse,« explains Bernhard Heinz, Head of the Dobl branch of Aberle. »The PMS-S is a manufacturer-independent IT solution for the storage position management and coordinated process control of shuttles and lift movements, even when several shuttles are operating on one level at the same time.«

The PMS-S is linked as a sub-system to the warehouse management system employed. The PMS-S manages the resources, means of transport, storage locations and orders, and checks the availability of transporters and storage areas. For the purpose of process control, the PMS-S client communicates directly with the hardware components in use – shuttles, lifts, handover points. It transmits and controls the appropriate movement and process commands, ensuring the efficient implementation of the logistics commands into physical sequences.

The PMS-S takes into account all the relevant optimisation strategies such as ABC distribution, double cycles, removal by means of several components or double-depth storage and removal – according to a fixed sequence and specific priorities if required. The PMS-S also generates reorganisation orders in the warehouse during slack periods. In the event of any shuttle or lift malfunctions, the PMS-S responds dynamically – shuttles are rerouted or orders are assigned to other shuttles.

»With the integrated energy management system for the shuttles, the PMS-S also delivers a optimum energy efficiency,« says Bernhard Heinz, summing up. »Overall the PMS-S proves to be a powerful control module for the integrated process management of shuttle solutions fit for the future.«

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