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Savoye Contributing to Parker Hannifin Operational Proficiency


Parker Hannifin, a specialist in movement and control technologies, is pursuing ongoing collaboration with the Savoye Division (Groupe Legris Industries) by renewing its confidence in reaching its industrial performance goals.

Ever since it was founded in October 2005, the Herstal distribution centre (Belgium) for the Fluid Systems & Connectors Europe (FSCE) division of Parker Hannifin has been home to a Savoye conveyor coupled to its A-SIS WMS LM7. The movement and control technologies specialist manages more than 80,000 order preparation lines a month at its 7500 m2 logistics platform with a service rate of more than 99.9%. Thus, the hub can cover worldwide dispatch of the products from 4 French and Spanish FSCE Division production sites.

A New Site - A New Conveyor Generation
Forced to leave the building housing its Herstal hub in September 2016, the Parker Hannifin teams started searching for a new site and found it in just a few months 3 kilometres away at the same industrial estate - the largest in Wallonia. »We wanted to keep our A-SIS WMS LM7, but we thought it would be safer and less costly to purchase a brand-new conveyor rather than move the old one. Even so, the old one was still performing to full satisfaction,« explains Olivier DEUSE, the Herstal Distribution Centre Manager. In March 2017, the company signed an agreement with its partner Savoye to install the INTELIS CONVEY , the new generation of 100% electric conveyors. The testing and moving phases went smoothly and the site has been operational since September 2017. The conveyor, which is comprised of 4 preparation stations, a 3-way sorting system and a weight control station directly connected in Plug and Play mode, was delivered to the site ready for installation and interconnection. »The quality of the material and our experience with Savoye clearly tipped the balance in its favour. This new generation of conveyors consumes less energy and the modular system makes for easy increases in capacity as needed,« says Olivier DEUSE.

A Customer-Focused Logistics Expertise Alliance
With a surface area of around 10,000 m2, the all-new distribution centre includes a mechanised picking area with around 7500 references controlled by the WMS LM7. It also communicates with the ERP and carriers in real time as the associated WCS manages all activities also in real time. »This conveyor - WMS - WCS trio offers us a real strategic advantage. 60% of our dispatch portfolio comes into the system the day of departure. The final orders are received around 3.30 p.m. for a 5 p.m. closing. Savoye and A-SIS also offer an integrated system to reach our main goal: to ensure a top-quality customer experience with fail-proof reactivity using a robust, reliable and proven tool,« states Oliver DEUSE.

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