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Savoye launches its e-learning platform

Just in time for the International Week of Transport and Logistics (SITL) event from 20th-23rd March 2018, the custom logistics solution engineering-integrator firm Savoye (a division of the Legris Industries Group) is completing its range of products and educational services by unveiling Ascentline, its e-learning web platform aimed at connecting digital tools and onsite training. The goal: to better train its clients on the installation and use of its solutions.

»This e-learning project is huge, and it is Savoye’s will to develop trades with digitisation at the core as a priority. This is why we have chosen to first work on A-SIS product training, enriched with supplementary training activities,« explains Loïc DELAÎTRE, Director of Expertise, who is responsible for the development of the Savoye Division training catalogue.

The project has, thus, been begun and developed through A-SIS, a Savoye Division brand, to reinforce the pedagogical approach associated with its software offering. »A-SIS has had a dedicated training service for more than fifteen years with professional trainers who travel to our clients’ sites to work with them closely,« explains Christophe TRAMOY, Director of Integration at A-SIS, who is responsible for the training department. »Back in 2015, we began thinking about digital training and what the new technologies could add to our onsite training offering. Our goal is for our clients to become more proficient with our products and offer better training on their use.«

A wise mix between »on-the-ground« and digital training
From now on, a complete range of products and educational services combining onsite training and digital devices is available. »This means that in addition to training on-the-ground, via video conferencing or by phone, our clients now have access through the platform to videos, webinars, tutorials and even quizzes with nearly 500 digital tools overall that can be used at any time of the day and as often as they wish,« further explains Anne MANOUSSAKIS, A-SIS Training Engineering Manager, who is leading the project. The Ascentline platform offers a hundred educational services developed around three major areas:

  • solutions and products, with a focus on WMS maGistor, for example;
  • the technological and logistics sectors, including case studies designed by experts in relation to sector issues;
  • training methods »which is aimed at providing our clients with better knowledge of training methods so they may train those they collaborate with themselves,« adds Anne MANOUSSAKIS.

Moreover, a final advisory area was created to offer our clients services directly in connection with their needs in the project and start-up phases. Two sets of advisory services are available: one known as the Training Master, on training methods; and another known as Guru of Change, related to managing change when installing a solution.

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