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Process Improvement Through Digitalized Production Logistics


Within production supply, very specific requirements apply to logistics. A continuous mapping of individual processes is often difficult and complex. This can be remedied by using a WMS.

In many areas, including the production industry, one thing matters most: coordinated processes. Only the interaction of various factors, such as stable supply chains, fast throughput times and controlled inventories, ultimately ensure smooth production. A fundamental link is a synchronized internal flow of materials and information. The goal: an optimal supply of the production machines with required material.

This involves precise logistics of materials, from an optimized planning of deliveries considering the transport volume to a flexible handling of bottlenecks and the related access to recent incoming goods. However, the reality often looks different. Inaccurate processing statuses and order picking, which is done manually with paper orders, lead to bottlenecks in production supply.

This is countered using a warehouse management system which ensures just-in-sequence planning and continuous transparency along the internal value chain. WMS connected to your MES can deliver all required materials just in time to the required production site. Of course, not only production supply but also production disposal can be optimized by the Warehouse Management System.

Would you like to learn more? The blog post »Logistics as a Success Factor: Digitalized Production Supplies« provides further information in this regard.

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