The »WMS Online Selection«

How Can Warehouse Management Systems from Different Providers Be Compared with Each Other?

An essential premise for business success is the continuous optimisation of your own logistics processes. Disproportionately increasing process complexity results in continuously increasing requirements with regard to cost and performance transparency in the warehouse. For this reason, the selection of a suitable WMS is of strategic importance. However, this process is often very time-consuming and costly.

In addition, it has been observed that almost every second company has problems in IT projects, which can be traced back to deficits in the tendering process.The most common cause here are usually unclear criteria in the selection of providers and systems. To avoid such sources of error in advance and to select an optimal Warehouse Management System, our service offers the possibility to compare a vast number of different WMS with each other. With the help of our neutral and independent »WMS Online Selection« we bring WMS providers, users and consultants together in a perfect fit! This service makes it possible to avoid complex and cost-intensive processes. Thus, we support companies in the selection of the optimally suitable WMS and provider - in an individual, uncomplicated, fast and cost-effective manner.

Using the »WMS Online Selection«

In order to bring WMS providers, users, and consultants togethter, certain knock-out criteria must be first defined that have to be fulfilled by the system. In the next step, users refine and weight their requirement profile for the WMS in order to obtain an overview of the suitable Warehouse Management Systems after evaluation. The results of the »WMS Online Selection« thus support the company in the decision-making process for a new system.

The procedure within the selection therefore comprises four steps, which are described below.

1. K.O. Criteria

  • Determination of knock-out criteria that need to be fulfilled by each system
  • Exclusion of unsuitable systems for further selection

2. General and Specific weighting

  • Refinement of an individual requirement profile based on approx. 3,700 functional criteria of our WMS questionnaire
  • Weighting of individual categories, questions and aspects using a scale to increase the level of detail of the evaluation (scale from 0 to 3 or 5 - depending on the type of access)

3. Evaluation

  • Automatic comparison of customer requirements with the range of services offered by WMS providers by "pushing the button"

4. Presentation of the Results

  • Result of the »WMS Online Selection« are numerous graphics as well as the possibility of insight and direct comparison with the answers of the WMS providers
  • Possibility of downloading an extensive PDF document with all results

The range of functions of the »WMS Online Selection« and thus, also the level of detail of the results depend on the respective type of access. The three different versions of the »WMS Online Selection« offer WMS users and consultants different possibilities to compare the different Warehouse Management Systems of the providers. Already the free express access enables you to get a quick overview of suitable WMS providers for your concrete project example. With the paid premium access you get access to the complete range of functions of the WMS-Online selection. Here you will find a detailed overview of access types.

The Basis for the Success

Based on our worldwide unique »WMS Database«, approx. 90 warehouse management systems can be compared within a very short time - the most comprehensive service of its kind! As a result, the user receives a list of software solutions that are functionally best suited for the individual use case. In addition, comprehensive documentation is available for download.

Since the »WMS Database« has a high degree of detail and takes into account more than 3,500 individual aspects, it enables WMS users and providers to be brought together in a tailored and individual way. The respective supplier information are continuously checked by the »Team warehouse logistics« (in a validation process certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001). The user can rely on a high quality and accuracy of the data.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Our service is online available at at any time.
  • The selection offers considerable time and cost savings compared to conventional methods and enables a qualified overview of the WMS market in just a few minutes.
  • Continuous validation of the supplier information by the »Team warehouse logistics« leads to up-to-date data of high quality through a validation process certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • The comprehensive questionnaire and its process orientation provides important impulses as to which aspects should been taken into account when selecting WMS.
  • Beyond the premium access, the »Team warehouse logistic« will be happy to support you in an advisory capacity as part of our »Logistics IT Consulting«: fully during a tender or only occasionally, e. g. for requirement specification reviews or in a workshop for provieder pre-selection. Get in touch with us!

Convince yourself of the potential of the »WMS Online Selection« on our website and start with the free express access or register directly for the premium access.

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