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Annual industry meeting for Logistics IT provider

Once a year, the »warehouse logistics« community comes together and meets for the annual participants meeting at the Fraunhofer IML premises. Lectures from research and practice as well as the exchange within the community give`s the Logistics IT providers impulses for the further development of their systems and corporate strategies. The transfer of knowledge and the opportunity to experience innovative, logistical developments at first hand has made the meeting of the »warehouse logistics« community a fixed point in the industry for Logistics IT providers.

Participants meeting 2021: Designing logistics IT sustainably with »warehouse logistics«

On October 28, 2021, the »Team warehouse logistics«, of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, will celebrate this year's digital participants meeting. Under the motto »Designing logistics IT sustainably with warehouse logistics«, the »Team warehouse logistics« invites all participants of the »Logistics IT Database« to a digital network meeting.

The focus of this year's participants meeting, alongside the presentation of news about the »warehouse logistics« platform, is the topic of »sustainability in logistics IT«. This will also be the subject of discussions during the meeting. In addition, participants can look forward to current and interactive presentations from the areas of logistics, IT and WMS, which will be presented in various formats.

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Participants Meeting 2020 - »warehouse logistics« celebrates its 20th anniversary

Under the motto »20 years of warehouse logistics - A logistics platform in transition«, around 65 national and international representatives from science and business took part digitally in the 19th participants' meeting of the WMS community on 29 October 2020. They gained insights into the 20-year history of the »warehouse logistics« platform and informed themselves about the expansion of the platform as well as the current developments in the area of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

The focus of this year's participants' meeting was primarily on the 20-year history of »warehouse logistics« and the associated transformation to a holistic »Logistics IT database«. In the new program item »Start-up Exchange«, young companies presented their innovations in the fields of intralogistics and IT. In addition, the organizers offered the participants a first insight into the current Market Report 2020, which presents the current trends in the WMS market. Furthermore, scientists of Fraunhofer IML presented their latest developments on topics such as Artificial Intelligence and picking assistance.

»warehouse logistics« has developed in the 20 years from a small market analysis, published in 2000 at the first Dortmund talks by our institute director Prof. Michael ten Hompel, to an important medium of the WMS industry. This is shown not only by the number of participants and systems represented on the platform, but also by the worldwide distribution of the participating companies. A special highlight, however, is the annual participants' meeting, which has become a major industry gathering with its program of presentations of innovative developments and world-café sessions on market developments, with approximately 50 participating companies.»I am pleased to see how Fraunhofer IML contributes to the promotion of innovation in logistics«, explains Detlef Spee, Head of the Department of Intralogistics and IT Planning at Fraunhofer IML.

The basis of the WMS database provided by Fraunhofer IML is the WMS questionnaire, which currently covers 3,700 aspects. These include, for example, the range of services or the experience of a company. In its 20-year history, the »Team warehouse logistics« has carried out over 1,200 validations based on the questionnaires. The scientists also published 13 white papers and founded the »warehouse logistics« glossary in 2019. This now provides an overview of over 120 terms and the corresponding definitions around the topic of Warehouse Management Systems.

Impressions of Participants Meeting 2020:

About »warehouse logistics«

With almost 92,000 visitors per year, the platform is one of the leading portals for Warehouse Management Systems worldwide and offers customers access to all important information for sustainable planning and the correct use of their information technologies in the warehouse. The online portal has recently been expanded to provide users with an integrated platform for several different Logistics IT systems. In addition to Warehouse Management Systems, the website also lists Transport Management Systems (TMS), Forklift Guidance Systems (FGS), Pick-by-solutions, Business Intelligence Systems (BI) and Resource Planning Systems (RPS), which can be validated by the provider-independent »Team warehouse logistics«.

The portal provides users with information about the various systems and gives them the opportunity to make a direct comparison of the systems. Via the »Logistics IT Online Selection«, a targeted selection can be made, taking into account the individual requirement profile, to find the suitable system constellation. By participating in the »Logistics IT Database«, suppliers can present their company and systems on and thus increase their national and international awareness.

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