Access Versions for the »Logistics IT Online Selection«

Which Access Versions for the »Logistics IT Online Selection« Are Available?

There are three different versions of »Logistics IT Online Selection«, which differ in their functional scope. The free Express Access as well as the access for universities provide a quick overview over basic functionalities of validated Logistics IT systems and the methodology of »Logistics IT Online Selection«. The Premium Access offers an extended functional range for a concrete and complete Logistics IT selection and is best suited for information about all the details of the required Logistics IT functionalities.

The Express Access

Functions Express Access Premium Access
Period of validity 12 months 12 months
Number of evaluations 1
(per system group)
(flexible applicable)
Contact function to the Logistics IT provider
Overview of created selections
Create, copy and transfer selection
Specification of K.O. criteria
General weighting of categories
in standard mode (on/off)
General weighting of categories
in expert mode (scale)
Detailed weighting of aspects (on/off)
Detailed weighting of aspects (scale)
Weighting of additional functions
Perform evaluation
Result diagrams:
Overview and functions overview
Additional result diagrams:
Average value overview and Best-in-Class
Insight into the answers of the
Logistics IT providers in detail
Detailed product comparison
PDF download with all results
Costs 0,- € 999,- € (plus VAT)

The free Express Access offers the basic features of »Logistics IT Online Selection« and therefore the possibility to get a first impression of the individually relevant software functionalities and Logistics IT systems. One evaluation per system group is available free of charge. The possibility of general and detailed weighting as well as results are highly limited in contrast to the Premium Access. Creating a Premium Access is possible anytime on Additionally users can display all »WMS Reference Projects« in detail and have unlimited access to the free of charge download of available whitepaper.

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The Premium Access

The Premium Access offers the full range of functionalities for a precise and comprehensive »Logistics IT Online Selection« and is best suited when information about all details regarding Logistics IT functions is required. This makes it particularly suitable if access to the »Logistics IT Database« is required as part of one or more Logistics IT selection projects.

In comparison to the free Express Access, the Premium Access offers the following additional functionalities:

The Premium Access enables general and detailed weighting of all functional and non-functional aspects, weighting of additional functions as well as 20 evaluations with »Logistics IT Online Selection«. This allows modeling different scenarios and put it in direct comparison.

Furthermore, with the Premium Access, a choice can be made between the standard and expert mode, so that the user can decide on the level of detail of his information. The Premium Access also offers numerous advantages in terms of its evaluation capabilities. In addition to the functions of the free Express Access (overviews of the entire system and different functionalities), the product comparison, average values of the individual software systems, and best-in-class functions are also available. All answers of the Logistics IT providers can be viewed in detail and be benchmarked. It is also possible to download the individual evaluations and diagrams as PDF files. In addition, previously created evaluations can be copied, edited, updated and deleted.

A complete overview regarding the differences between the two access types Express and Premium can be found on the right-hand side.

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The Access for Colleges and Universities

The access for universities is designed for our training portfolio for colleges and universities and the exercises that are included in it. It includes the same features as the free Express Access, but can be customised according to training and development needs.

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