»Logistics IT Database«

What Is the »Logistics IT Database« and What Are the Benefits?

What Is the »Logistics IT Database« and What Are the Benefits?

In 2000, »Team warehouse logistics« took on the task of simplifying the time-consuming process of selecting a suitable provider of an Inventory Management System (IMS) or a Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The biggest challenge lay in the number of WMS providers active in the market and the fact that there was no reliable source for information on the functionality of each system.

Several important questions also needed to be answered, such as

  • How does the operator of a warehouse find the right provider?
  • How does a provider find their next potential customers?
  • Does the functionality offered by the providers meet the requirements of the users?

Since 2020, the existing »WMS Database« has been expanded to include additional Logistics IT systems. In the meantime, in addition to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transport Management Systems (TMS), Resource Planning Systems (RPS), Business Intelligence Systems (BI), Pick-by-Systems and Forklift Guidance System (FGS) are also included in the »Logistics IT Database« for functional comparison. Thus the »Logistics IT Database« offers a holistic information platform for companies about software in logistics.


»Team warehouse logistics« develops a comprehensive, annually updated questionnaire for each of the system groups, which covers the functional aspects of the system group (WMS, TMS, FGS, RPS, Pick-by, BI).

Each Logistics IT provider - who participates in the »Logistics IT Database« - has the opportunity to fill out the questionnaire online.

To ensure that the data in the database is reliable, the data from a Logistics IT provider is not available in the database until it has been successfully validated by »Team warehouse logistics«. After it has been validated, the data is available for use for the system comparisons performed by the users.

The extensive, validated questionnaires combined with the number of systems captured in the database are what make it possible for us to bring together users and providers in a perfect fit.

The next step is to use »Logistics IT Online Selection« to capture and weight the functional requirements of the customer and determine the K.O. criteria for the selection process. By the “press of a button” the customer requirements are automatically compared with the functionality offered by the Logistics IT providers. The users can see right away how many of their functional requirements are met by the individual systems and they can contact the provider who offer the Logistics IT systems that are best suited to meet the needs of their company.

The »Logistics IT Database« is one of the most comprehensive database in the world for comparing the functionality of Logistics IT systems.

Benefits for Users

Logistics IT users get a quick overview of the systems that meet the K.O. criteria and, at the same time, meet their functionality requirements to a large degree. This provides the user with a transparent and reliable method for the important step of selecting a suitable system and making contact with the provider of that system.

»Team warehouse logistics« offers the »Logistics IT Online Selection« service in two different versions. On the one hand the free of charge Express Access and on the other hand the extensive Premium Access with a lot of additional functionalities.

Benefits for Providers

It is becoming more and more important for providers of Logistics IT systems to acquire new potential customers and make them aware of their products.

Participation in the »Logistics IT Database« guarantees that all validated systems are automatically considered each time the »Logistics IT Online Selection« is used. In this way, potential customers are made aware of providers whose software functionalities cover their individual requirements.

The providers can also use the system comparison for benchmarking their own Logistics IT system in comparison with the competition in the market.

In addition to the data used by the »Logistics IT Online Selection« service, there are numerous other opportunities for a Logistics IT provider to present their company and their Logistics IT system on the warehouse-logistics.com portal. For more information, see Participating in the »Logistics IT Database«.

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