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LogiMAT 2020: S&P develops new mobile platform and industry solutions for textile and technical wholesale


S&P Computersysteme GmbH, provider of intralogistic IT solutions, presents the warehouse management platform SuPCIS-L8 with a new mobile release for cross-device working in the warehouse from 10th to 12th March 2020 at the LogiMAT in hall 8 at stand C41. In addition, the WMS specialists from Stuttgart will show comprehensive industry solutions for the technical wholesale and textile industry.

This year, S&P will also offer insights into the daily routine of software development for intralogistics - live at the S&P booth.

New platform for improved user experience

Nowadays, warehouse management software that meets the high demands of users, even on mobile devices, is indispensable for efficient and successful warehouse management. The mobile SuPCIS-L8 client has therefore been continuously enhanced over the years to provide the best possible user experience on mobile devices.

In the face of an ever faster changing device landscape, driven by the vision to provide a seamless and high-performance user experience, S&P has now developed a completely new platform as the basis of the mobile application. During the development, emphasis was placed on being able to use the flexible automatisms from the desktop client. The already very close code base was merged, which leads to reduced efforts and thus to a shorter time-to-market.

»To support the continuous change management of our dynamic and demanding customers in the best possible way is our daily motivation«, says S&P managing director Horst Reichert. The mobile platform offers an ideal basis for the digital warehouse due to its wide range of functions and excellent adaptability to a wide variety of devices and viewing options.

The new platform brings with it improved performance and faster reaction times. It can be operated with Android, iOS, touch, mouse or keyboard.

The platform not only offers a solid and high-performance basis for all SuPCIS-L8 applications, it is also easily scalable and can be easily adapted. For example, the connection of new technical devices such as novel wearables or an extended voice control will be possible in the future. But even today the platform already offers numerous additional features. The user can not only intuitively and effortlessly adjust settings such as the font size or the look and feel, but a battery-saving dark mode can also be set with a single click. In addition, barcodes can be read and recognized directly from photos. It is also possible to call up a browser and stream videos within the application without any problems.

With the development of the new platform, S&P ensures that the warehouse management software SuPCIS-L8 will have a stable and high-performance basis in the future, which is scalable and easily adaptable.

Comprehensive industry solutions for textile and technical wholesale

Software investments in the technical wholesale and textile logistics sectors are at a consistently high level. This is not surprising, since digital, scalable and flexible logistics is a major competitive advantage for companies and a fundamental prerequisite for meeting increasing customer expectations.

In technical wholesale, there is currently an increasing number of digitisation projects which aim to ensure flexibility by means of a warehouse management system under the ERP system and to prepare automation projects.

In the fashion sector, automation is on the rise. Regardless of whether the handling of flat or hanging garments is involved, there are countless possibilities for plant operators to react to demographic change and automate processes.

Both industries are now benefiting from new industry solutions, in which great importance was attached to making the wide range of industry-specific processes quickly usable for plant operators and keeping them flexibly configurable.

For example, the industry solution for fashion customers includes a variety of automation solutions for shuttle warehouses, hanging and lying goods sorting, RFID individual part detection and mobile robots as integration. But also in the area of non-automated processes in the warehouse, numerous modules such as container unloading, optimized returns processing, multi-site operation and store management as well as APIs to common e-commerce marketplaces are available.

In technical wholesale, for example, the processes required to implement the obligatory EU Construction Products Directive were provided and robot-supported picking and storage in AutoStore® warehouses were incorporated into the solution. From cross-docking processes and appointment order management to route optimization and pick-up shop processes, many functions can be used directly. Furthermore, customers of the ERP software SHCware®, which is widely used in technical wholesale, benefit from an integration partnership between the two manufacturers, which allows the range of functions in warehouse management to be expanded quickly and easily and prepared for automation projects.

Live shoulder view for interested applicants

This year, S&P offers interested students and applicants the opportunity to look over the shoulder of a software developer and and get an idea of his work in the S&P team.

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