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REWE International AG to Elevate the Customer Experience Across its Stores with Blue Yonder


Leading Austrian food retail and drugstore chain to expand its Blue Yonder footprint across key stores in Europe to automate space and floor planning

Blue Yonderannounced that Austrian food retail and drugstore chain REWE International AG expanded its existingBlue Yonder category managementfootprint to all of its stores in Austria and Eastern Europe. Based on the success of phase one of its strategy to elevate the customer experience with more localized space and floor plans, REWE International AG rolled out Blue Yonder’s category knowledge base,floor planningandspace planningsolutions to all its stores in Austria and Eastern Europe.

REWE International AG supplies Austria with high-quality food and drugstore items. In addition, REWE International AG is responsible for the entire international business of the REWE Group. Some of its brands include BILLA, MERKUR, PENNY, BIPA, and ADEG, and its retail partners include BILLA stop & shop, BILLA Unterwegs and MERKUR Inside.

With an integrated space and floor planning solution from Blue Yonder in place at all of its stores, REWE International AG is able to provide focused, personalized store assortments in each store and region. The Blue Yonder solutions also provide an integrated, holistic view into the performance of space and floor plans in each store allowing REWE International AG to adjust them easily, while automating previously manual processes.

»We chose Blue Yonder because we have used their floor planning solution for many years and now would like to integrate space planning and floor planning solutions together within our store management system,« said Peter Sengeis, Head of IT department DWH at REWE International AG. »In the future, we look to expand further with additional Blue Yonder solutions for planograming and assortment optimization.«

With a 360-degree view into space and floor plans, REWE International AG will be able to create and maintain store-specific floor plans with optimized position, performance and layout of merchandise categories, while quickly creating, managing, and distributing in-store planograms. With these two key Blue Yonder category management solutions in place, REWE International AG can more effectively deliver space and assortment plans that lead to profitable growth.

»Personalization will continue to drive retailers to reinvent their merchandising strategies to deliver the right item, at the right time, in the right place to shoppers,« said Johan Reventberg, president, EMEA, Blue Yonder. »REWE International AG has seen great success in Austria with our space and floor planning solutions and expanding across all stores will give it a powerful, integrated view into merchandise performance to allow them to quickly adjust plans based on shopper behavior, yielding a superior customer experience every time.«

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