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The new whitepaper »Guide for successful software testing in intralogistics« is now available!


With the publication of the whitepaper, the »Team warehouse logistics« of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML provides a transparent overview of the topic of software testing in intralogistics and thus supports the »warehouse logistics« community in its ideal use. Besides the preparation and execution of software tests, the paper additionally includes the successful go-live.

With the help of software tests, it should be checked whether the specified functionalities and processes on the part of the software are fulfilled and run without errors. For this purpose, they are defined in the specification phase in a requirements and functional specification and, if necessary, adapted by additions. Due to the high level of functionality, it is difficult to prove that the software is free of errors in a compact form. For this reason, all functionalities and processes should be tested by means of scenarios defined in advance, so that errors can be avoided. After all, the later these errors are discovered, the more expensive they are to correct.

The whitepaper helps with the successful use of software tests and describes the structure of the test documents, the detailed procedure for testing as well as the handling of test deviations and the successful implementation including go-live.

The whitepaper »Guide for Successful Software Testing in Intralogistics« is available now at the following link:

About warehouse logistics

The platform has been one of the best-known portals for »Warehouse Management Systems« worldwide for over 20 years. Since 2020, the original »WMS Database« has become a cross-system »Logistics IT Database« by adding further logistics IT systems. The functional comparison of more than 90 logistics IT systems, free market studies and publications as well as the full range of consulting services in the field of logistics IT make a comprehensive information platform about software in logistics.

Services for logistics IT users

The range of services for logistics IT users covers areas such as »Logistics IT Online Selection«, which helps companies to find the logistics IT system that is exactly right for them, or »Logistics IT Consulting«, in which our team works with you in targeted process and strategy workshops to develop a target image for the future orientation of your logistics IT in the company. The offer also includes »WMS Consulting«, in which the »Team warehouse logistics« accompanies companies in the selection and introduction of a WMS. In addition, users can take advantage of the »WMS Reference Projects Selection« service to get to know providers and their systems better on the basis of project references that have already been carried out and validated by »Team warehouse logistics« and to be able to compare them with your project specifications.

Services for logistics IT providers

The service offer for logistics IT providers includes participation in the »Logistics IT Database«. By being included in the »Logistics IT Database«, participating logistics IT providers and systems automatically and exclusively take part in every pre-selection via »Logistics IT Online Selection« and can tap into new customer groups without any effort on their part. In addition, participants receive full marketing support and the opportunity to comprehensively present their products on the SEO/SEM optimized »warehouse logistics« website. Participation also includes the provision of »validation signets« and »participant certificates« for targeted marketing of the validated logistics IT systems. The exchange of information on developments and trends in the logistics IT market as part of the validation and the possible benchmarking with competitor systems provide additional input for the strategic orientation and development of the company's own products.

Suppliers also benefit from the international »warehouse logistics« Community, which promotes exchange among each other and opens up the opportunity for collaboration in research projects and publications. The »Publications« section on the online platform also provides logistics IT providers with free and practice-relevant white papers on various topics.

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