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Are you looking for software to manage your stocks in the warehouse?


The reasons for introducing a »Warehouse Management System« can be manifold: shorter throughput times, automation of processes, coping with smaller batch sizes and a higher variety of variants as well as ensuring inventory security are possible arguments and requirements for it.

Many Companies find it difficult to decide for or against a warehouse management system. Although most are aware that they are in the middle of the age of digitalisation, the fear of not making the right choice is too great.

»The Team warehouse logistics« of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Intralogistics IML can support you here with the »WMS Online Selection«. We offer you the opportunity to benchmark 85 warehouse management systems from more than 70 providers in order to identify the right system for you. Our free express access gives you an insight into the selection logic and enables you to view the market for your specific project example. Premium access gives you a detailed insight into the functionalities of the inidvidual systems and enables a concrete, fully comprehensive system selection for your project.

You can register directly for the »WMS Online Selection« here:Register Express (

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