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Small but nice: The difference between WMS and IMS


The digitalization of your warehouse is imminent. You want to drive the digital transformation in your company. At this point, are you unsure about selecting a specific warehouse management software solution?

Do you need a comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) for your logistics or is the implementation of an inventory management system (IMS) sufficient for your purposes? Against this background, the question is: What is the actual difference between WMS and IMS?

The terms Warehouse Management System and Inventory Management System describe software systems dealing with the internal management of a warehouse. But beware - there is a likelihood of confusion.

Although the two terms are often used as synonyms in German, the two systems differ significantly in terms of functions and scope of services. In this context, there are two questions that need clarification:

  • Why is this distinction relevant for your intralogistics?
  • How do you find out which software is the right one for your warehouse?

In the new blog post, PSI Logistics clarifies the respective definitions of the two software systems and compares the similarities and differences. In addition, the article determines which software system is suitable for which warehouse types and thus provides you with a decision-making aid.

Read the complete blog post here.

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