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New sortation solution for Posten Logistik SCM Oy in Finland


Vanderlande Industries has received an order for a new parcel sorting system to be installed at the new terminal for Posten Logistik SCM Oy in Turku, Finland.

The new terminal and sorting system, scheduled to be operational at the end of January 2010, are necessary to meet Posten Logistik’s increased capacity needs and to further optimise the company’s parcel network.

Underlining the importance of continuous performance improvement and effective maintenance, the order includes Vanderlande Industries’ latest Business Process Intelligence (BPI) tool for easy access to management information on system performance. BPI collects a wide range of data from the parcel and postal handling system, and makes it available for reporting in customisable form. KPIs (key performance indicators) are presented as required, showing faults and errors as well as trends in system performance and workload.

The BPI tool also supports effective daily maintenance by focusing on the main issues, instead of following a time-consuming ad hoc approach. Fast, effective troubleshooting is supported by the ability to drill down to root causes. BPI enables the customer to minimise downtime and optimise system performance at the lowest possible operational and maintenance costs.

The sortation solution is comprised of three infeeds (decentral weighing, equipped with extendibles), which can be loaded either from a linehaul (loose load) or roll cages/pallets. From the infeeds the parcels travel to a merge, which is located on a platform. From there they pass through a barcode and volume scanner to a Vanderlande Posisorter. Apart from the infeed section and the operator position at the end of the spiral chutes, the entire system is placed on a platform for optimum use of the available floor space. From the Posisorter the items are sorted into eight destination spiral outputs, one spiral output dedicated to handling no-reads, one connected to a telescopic roller conveyor and one overflow output. The total system is designed to allow future extension without disturbance to normal operation.

Vanderlande has recently reorganised to strengthen its focus on specific regions such as Scandinavia, as well as to increase focus on its business areas. The Posten Logistik order is the company’s fourth sortation project in the Scandinavian parcel and postal industry since the reorganisation.

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