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Vanderlande extends ergonomic PICK@EASE order picking workstation family


Vanderlande extends high performance ergonomic PICK@EASE order picking workstation family; introduces workstation optimised for Value Added Services

Vanderlande Industries has extended the PICK@EASE workstation family with a workstation optimised for customers requiring Value Added Services in their order picking process. This workstation is especially beneficial for technical wholesalers and retailers which handle parts & components and spare parts. The new PICK@EASE workstation enables operators to pick between 200-550 order lines per hour, while fulfilling all the required Value Added Service tasks. Thanks to the ergonomic design principles the workstation is based on, operators can sustain this performance while minimising risk of work related injury. Vanderlande introduced the first member of the PICK@EASE workstation family in 2008 for customers who require very high order picking performance (up to 1,000 order lines per operator per hour), such as retailers.

Now, Vanderlande has extended the PICK@EASE workstation family with a new member especially aimed at technical wholesalers and retailers which handle parts & components and spare parts. For these companies Value Added Services are very important to be able to deliver the required service level to their customers. Value Added Services typically include counting, packaging, labelling, tracking & tracing/serial number scanning, and weighing. To be able to complete all these tasks successfully and maintain a high performance and customer service level, workstation design is a critical success factor. The PICK@EASE workstation fulfils all the ergonomic requirements to sustain a high operator performance (between 200-550 order lines per operator per hour, depending on the customer’s order and product profile and warehouse process) and high picking accuracy.

PICK@EASE improves operator performance and motivation

Operators work better when they feel good. Vanderlande realised that and started a successful partnership with TNO (Europe’s largest Institute for technological and strategic research and consultancy with expertise in ergonomics) to design high performance workstations, which meet strict ergonomic requirements. It is designed in a single level “cockpit type” layout to minimise vertical arm and shoulder movement. Operators also tend to be more productive when they can influence their own work environment. With PICK@EASE, the operator can adjust the workstation platform automatically to his or her ideal height. An anti-fatigue floor mat improves operator satisfaction. Vanderlande also started a partnership with Philips to further optimise PICK@EASE. Philips Dynamic Lighting is an advanced solution that brings the dynamics of daylight into the work environment. It creates a stimulating, ‘natural’ lighting ambience that enhances people’s sense of well being, improving motivation and performance. It enables the operator to control his/her own environment and it improves well-being. The PICK@EASE workstation is designed to improve efficiency and picking accuracy, contributing to better customer service. Orders are picked directly into a shipping carton (pick/pack) minimising product handling. Based on the products which need to be picked, the workstation automatically indicates which order carton the operator should use. Picking accuracy is enhanced by light grids over the order totes. A ‘pick pointer’ indicates from which specific tote compartment the operator should pick the required products. Integrated weighing double-checks picking accuracy.

Highly efficient CPS goods-to-man order picking concept

PICK@EASE forms the heart of a goods-to-man order picking concept, which enables customers to organise their distribution process in the most efficient, cost effective way, from Goods Receiving right through to Shipping. Vanderlande’s ‘goods-to-man’ based Compact Picking System (CPS) is the ideal solution for warehouses and distribution centres requiring high productivity and a very high customer service level, while keeping operational costs down. It is a highly flexible solution, enabling customers to adapt to changes in their business, such as an increase in the number of sales outlets or changes in the product range.


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