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First energy scans completed; 50% energy saving!


How sustainability and cost reduction go together

Reduce energy consumption of the material handling system up to 50%, reduce the carbon footprint and at the same time reduce operational costs. An attractive payback period. It has already become reality for some of our customers, for example for Eindhoven Airport, the Netherlands. Just by implementing some energy-efficient measures for their baggage handling system which were recommended after an energy scan performed by Vanderlande Industries.

The demand for sustainable solutions in the supply chain has increased greatly in the last few years. Energy saving and subsequent carbon footprint reduction have become new targets. However, budgets are tight these days so investments preferably need to give short return on investments. The energy scan of Vanderlande shows that this is very well possible.


To minimize the carbon footprint of your material handling system, energy consumption is mapped and examined. Solutions are ranked in CO2 savings, € savings and payback period. With more than sixty years of experience in the design and implementation of integrated logistics solutions of all sizes, Vanderlande is able to focus on system, operational and process aspects.

An energy scan was performed and proposed recommendations were implemented at Eindhoven Airport, the Netherlands. To examine potential energy saving measures, the baggage flow was measured in combination with the energy consumption. Using a simulation model, Vanderlande calculated the possible impact on the power consumption of several energy-saving measures. An important requirement was that these changes would not disturb the operational performance. Together with advice on eco-efficient component upgrades this investigation resulted in an energy reduction of 50% and a payback period of 2.5 years.

“In 2015 Eindhoven Airport wants to be the first CO2 neutral airport of the Netherlands. Mapping the energy consumption and carbon footprint of our baggage handling system was again a step forward in which Vanderlande Industries showed its expertise in this area. The system modifications resulted in significant energy reduction without having negative impact on the system performance. Together with a positive return on investment it is definitely money well spent.” - Leon Wernaart, Manager Facilities & Technical Support, Eindhoven Airport:

The energy scan can be carried out for all material handling systems of all makes, whether in distribution, on airports or in parcel & postal sortation facilities. Moreover, the external logistics flows can be analysed as well.

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