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Vanderlande systems for controlled temperature sorting at Integra2, Madrid


Vanderlande Industries has supplied two material handling systems for the new facility of logistics service provider Integra2 in Getafe, near Madrid.

Integra2 is one of Spain’s leading Express Parcel companies, and is part of the Logista Group. Integra2 specialises in handling goods in a controlled temperature environment (cold 5°C, intermediate 15°C and ambient 25°C). This service focuses particularly on the pharmaceuticals sector, in which Integra2 is the undisputed market leader.

After more than 2 years of operation, the new system has proved its effectiveness, performance and reliability. The installation meets all the demands placed on it, for example in terms of capacity and functions. It also underlines the ability of Vanderlande Industries to design, manufacture and implement a new tilt tray system meeting all the demands of the Express Parcel industry.

Pablo Rebollo, General Manager of Integra2 said:

“For this project in Madrid, Integra2 needed the best sortation tool to provide the system with the required speed, reliability and efficiency. I’m pleased to say that Vanderlande Industries has been the perfect partner for the design, installation and commissioning of our parcel sorting system using the EXPREXORTER technology.”

EXPREXORTER allows multiple sorting strategies

Making this project special, it is the first EXPREXORTER implementation by Vanderlande Industries. This patented loop sorter has been developed to allow multiple simultaneous sorting strategies, coordinating from 1 to 4 trays per parcel. The revolutionary ‘armadillo’ closed deck design eliminates the risk of parcels becoming trapped or damaged, even in corners, and the modular tray construction ensures excellent conveyability of the widest possible range of products.

The material handling system consists of a 930 m EXPREXORTER loop fed by 11 infeed lines and with 98 outputs. The system includes a double barcode and volume reading station, controlled by Vanderlande’s VITAL software suite.

The system is located in a U-shaped building. The receiving area occupies the front of the building, where the unloading operation is done at a controlled temperature of 15-18ºC. Sorting is done in the lateral wings: one at 12ºC and the other at 25ºC. Parcels introduced in the cold side are sorted in the 12ºC wing, and those introduced in the warm side are sorted in the 25ºC wing. Each line has a sorting capacity of 7,000 parcels per hour, giving a total capacity of 14,000 parcels per hour.

Automatic pallet transportation line

Below the EXPREXORTER is an automatic pallet transportation line to transport the full pallets from the receiving area to the loading docks.
Technically, the system consists of an infloor towline system, in which pallet jacks are attached manually to the infloor chain. Each pallet jack is identified by a visible number and an RF tag. The system has a centralised barcode and volume reader and scales, where the weight and volume of the pallet are automatically associated with the pallet barcode and the forklift ID. The VITAL software suite assigns the destination dock number using the pallet ID. The position of each pallet in the warehouse is continuously monitored by a set of RF antennas, and a big display informs the truck load worker when the pallet is approaching its destination.

This easy-to-use system meets all functional requirements, and with a capacity of 200 pallets and no lost space it is a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Integra2’s experience during the implementation was very positive, with Vanderlande Industries showing its ability to operate as a team with open communication between both parties.

For more information please contact:

Jose Maria Izquierdo
Phone +34 932 219 494

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