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Vanderlande Industries provides energy-efficient baggage handling system


Vanderlande Industries completed the first part of the baggage handling system for Edmonton International Airport (EIA) in Alberta, Canada.

The completion of this first phase allowed for a successful opening of the doors to the new U.S. Departures expansion on February 11, 2012. Passengers flying to the US can now enjoy a speedier and easier experience in the new terminal, which is four times the size of the previous US departures area. Henk de Groot, VP of operations at Vanderlande Industries said, “Vanderlande Industries is proud that Edmonton International Airport chose to use our BAXORTER technology which provides a reliable baggage tracking system meeting the needs of both the airport and CATSA. It also supports Edmonton International Airport’s vision of being a world-class airport. The Edmonton Airport Authority also embraced sustainability as a core value and chose Vanderlande Industries’ GREENVEYOR, a conveyor with many operational environmental benefits.”

Edmonton International Airport is currently executing a major airport development program named ‘Expansion 2012’. The terminal building was expanded to the south and will allow up to 13 more aircraft gates. The project started in September of 2009 and is almost complete. The final phase, implementation of a central hall, will be completed by December 2012.

Vanderlande Industries was awarded the contract for the baggage handling system portion of EIA’s Expansion 2012. This system implements three levels of screening which is the first of its kind in Canada and successfully supports the new CATSA HBS initiatives. This new technology utilizes high speed CT EDS machines, a BAXORTER to buffer and sort bags to downstream destinations, automated BIWIS drop locations, and Vanderlande Industries’ low energy GREENVEYOR transport solution. It also gives connecting flights through Edmonton the privilege of the shortest baggage transfer times. The new terminal is approximately 1.2 kilometres long, includes an expanded US Customs and Border Protection space, and is four times larger than the original terminal.

BAXORTER provides the ultimate solution for secure tracking of baggage. It also provides flexibility to manage the time required for CATSA operators to remotely clear bags and provide subsequent downstream sortation. BAXORTER is a cost-effective baggage sorting solution that meets a wide range of airport demands. BAXORTER has a capacity of 3,000 trays per hour and offers high flexibility in the number of outputs to flights or destinations that baggage can be diverted to. Additionally, the gentle and predictable sorting principle enables sorting of bags while tracking their orientation in the system.

GREENVEYOR is Vanderlande Industries’ energy-efficient baggage conveyor which uses less energy than the existing baggage conveyors (possible savings up to 40%). Vanderlande Industries’ baggage conveyors already have a proven track-record as a reliable building block for baggage handling systems. However, the increased demand for sustainable products has changed the way Vanderlande Industries designs its conveyors. GREENVEYOR is the energy efficient baggage conveyor that sets a new standard and significantly contributes to a ‘greener’ baggage handling operation by reducing conveyor energy consumption.

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